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Congi and Commie make Kanhaiya their Robot

Updated: April 20, 2016 10:34 am


The Congress joining the Left for West Bengal Assembly election should not surprise anyone. The two have always travelled on parallel lines. The Royalty of the Congi Dynasty has always taken intellectual preaching from Commie theorists. They have given direction for economic policies. But the Commie priests have always stayed indoors, tucked away in universities, various akademis, etc. while the Congi kings have enjoyed their vast empire. No wonder, barely a few weeks ago, you had the young Commie Kanhaiya at JNU campus, full of raw energy, flaunting his tool and his red flag.

Then, they decided to get him ready for the big league, for which they had to mould his raw enthusiasm into something that could be more productive for the dynasty. The media taught him in a couple of weeks what his Commie profs couldn’t teach him at JNU and now we have before us the new Kanhaiya — disciplined and dedicated — thinking the right thoughts and ready to take his place as a freshly minted Mameluk of the Dynasty: Asserting that there is a difference between 2002 riots and 1984 Sikh massacre Kanhaiya alleged that Gujarat violence was carried out through state machinery while the other one was caused due to mob frenzy.

So, the 1984 riots were just a case of “mob frenzy”. The evolution of Comrade Kanhaiya is complete! Wait a few more days and you will find out that the 1984 riots were actually a case of “road rage”.

The Liberals have taught their new Bhagat Singh well. In any case, what would ‘Bhagat Singh’ have done today? Let us find out from a minister  of the National Capital Territory of Delhi sworn in under the Constitution of India: “Seeing the country’s condition, I believe that even today the freedom struggle would have continued and if Bhagat Singh was there, he would have thrown 2-4 bombs at empty benches inside the Parliament to make the deaf hear.”

He would have possibly kept a bomb for throwing at AAP high-ups who call India’s Prime Minister a psychopath and ISI agent.

But presently, we have a pseudo, modern day Bhagat Singh, who like many fake things floating in the market, is a very undesirable substitute of the true patriot. He fought against foreign rulers, this incarnation of him is fighting against a government voted in by 38 per cent of Indian electorate. If The real Bhagat Singh was alive he would have targeted Congi and Commies Kanhaiya.

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