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Concerned Reddy

Updated: March 24, 2012 1:51 pm

The dropping gas output from the famous Krishna Godavari basin is giving sleepless nights to the government as slew of industries want their share of pie from KG D-6. When a reporter asked Union Minister for Petroleum S Jaipal Reddy about the progress on the issue, he termed KG D-6 as the mother of all sins. Reddy further said nobody knows what is happening 6,000 metres below the sea level. The Oil Minister recently visited the site in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and during the tour of the site he was updated with the developments there. The minister said he did not understand how he could be updated when the output was dropping low. The gas output from the basin dropped to 36 mmbtu from about 82 mmbtu in April in 2010. The dropping gas output concerns the Oil Ministry as it plans to award gas from the basin to priority sectors such as fertilisers, power, steel, besides others.


Gadkari Bytes

During elections in five states every party was full of confidence and announced that it would form the government on its own and would neither take support from outside nor offer the same to any party. When a television reporter asked BJP president Nitin Gadkari as to which party he thought BJP could team up with. Responding to the query Gadkari asked the reporter to shoot him on camera. Gadkari categorically said on camera that BJP would not support and ask for support from any political party in Uttar Pradesh. Surprisingly, before the counting began various exit polls predicted Samajwadi Party as the single largest party in the state but showed it short of majority,

UP BJP’s senior leader Rajnath Singh made a statement that BJP would walk out from the House, if Congress attempted for presidential rule in the state. When the same reporter met Gadkari and asked if this move was not a tacit support to Samajwadi. Gadkari asked the reporter to bring the byte. Obviously the reporter was not carrying the cassette, which came for Gadkari’s rescue.


Now… Torn Apart!

As elections results in Uttar Pradesh unfold and the government formation scenario in the cow belt state becomes clearer, political parties have started assessing successes and failures of their experiments and moves during the elections. This is generally a usual exercise for political gurus as to what went wrong and which strategy paid off. Remember Rahul Gandhi tearing apart Samajwadi Party’s manifesto a top BSP leader quipped next time we would request Gandhi scion to repeat the exercise with BSP manifesto. Incidentally, the paper that Gandhi tore off while addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh, was actually not Samajwadi Party’s manifesto. Names of Congress leaders were written on a piece of paper, which he described as manifesto full of false promises. The ‘Yuvraj’ of Congress may not be able to fulfil the promises that he showed to the voters of Uttar Pradesh but the treatment with manifesto probably proved a good omen for Samajwadi Party, as it bagged bumper 225 seats. The BSP leader said maybe few parties would be asked to pay some price for a repeat action with their manifestos.


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