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Compassionate Doctor

Updated: October 30, 2010 4:24 pm

“God and the doctor we alike adore, but only when in danger, not before;

The danger o’er, both are alike requited, God is forgotten, and the doctor slighted.” True and realistic lines pertaining to the doctors’ profession. On the one hand, at the patient’s corner, there is a critical situation—pain, agony and stress, and comparative to them, closer to them at the curing corner, there are calm, passionate and hard-working doctors. One personality distinguished among them is Dr Nomita Gupta, the Head of Paediatrics, Batra Hospital. Apart from this, she is also entrusted with the responsibility of presidentship of National Medico Organisation (NMO). Explaining the responsibility and works there, Dr Gupta said, “Being a president of NMO, every Sunday, apart from the routine work in the hospitals, we hold health checkup camps, awareness lectures, working on spread-on messages and informing people when to go to a doctor, what medicines one has to take, etc.

                When asked about her rarest case she said, “Every case is special for me. One of them is handling premature babies of 26 weeks, weighing merely 556 grams. We tended them with utmost care for two-and-half months or three months and thereafter, they were discharged in perfectly alright condition. Today they are living a normal life.”

                Contributing as an active member in central and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), she touched some social and current issues. One of these was female foeticide. She lamented: “Practically speaking, even after so much awareness, killing the girl child still continues unabated. Inculcating awareness about female foeticide through various measures in rural areas has virtually come a cropper. If the baby born happens to be a girl, her parents stop the treatment. They don’t donate blood and the baby is taken to home. Earlier it used to be witnessed happening directly, but now it happens indirectly. The situation in urban areas may have improved a little bit, but the condition in rural areas is still the same.” Informing on the issue of polio, she satisfactorily said, “In polio eradication, the situation is better. Parents bring their babies to polio drop centres. As a result, numbers of reported cases are coming down. Hopefully soon we will make the country polio-free.” “As of now the number of patients coming to OPDs has gone up to 200-300, out of whom 95-97 per cent are afflicted with dengue. Also in the past few weeks, cases of chest infection, viral pneumonia, malaria and few typhoid and complicated dengue cases came out,” she said about the current situation.

                In her lifetime, Dr Gupta was honoured with numerous awards including Indian Medical Association (IMA) Award, Medical Ratna Award-2006, Human Care Award of Millenium-2000, DMA President Appreciation Award-1999, Delhi Medical Association Award 1998 for her exemplary work for slum children and Save The Child Award-1997 by Sulabh International for her concern, compassion and care shown for the children. Disclosing her mantra for life, she said, “My mantra is just work, success will follow you. And in long and laborious hours of work, the family support at every stage is very essential. I am fortunate enough that my family always stands by me so that I can devote maximum time to serve the mankind.

                “Ever since I began as a consultant, everyday has been better than the previous one. And it is only hard work, patients’ and family’s support that have highly motivated me to work with more zeal and enthusiasm,” she concludes.

By Sonia Chawla

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