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Communal Campaigner

Updated: December 13, 2014 9:00 am

SATIRICUS was at first aghast, then he was relieved. He was aghast when he read Darul Uloom Deoband had extended support to prime minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat Campaign and wrote in a letter to minister Naidu that it “supported it in full and congratulated Modi.” However he was relieved at its disclaimer saying, “We attribute cleanliness top priority in Islam….” So “we support the effort,”….but “we are not supporting Modi.” So there you are! The situation is clear as daylight. Or is it? Not to benighted souls like Satiricus. For if cleanliness is of paramount importance in Islam, how can it permit an unclean infidel soiled by communalism to practise it? Then again, when Modi said the other day that the Gita was the best book he knew, wasn’t that dastardly downgrading of the Quran? Did this not show that this communal campaigner for cleanliness was in fact covered with the dire dirt of disbelief?

Deoband’s appreciative letter had also said, “it is a pity that even after 67 years we could not get rid of this evil (of “lack of cleanliness”), so the campaign launched by prime minister Modi is an appreciable step, though it has come very late.” “Very late?” Satiricus is puzzled. Modi has been in power for 6 months, while those who, like Rajiv Gandhi once, said the history of India is the history of Islam, were in power for 60 years. What does this mean? It means Satiricus is definitely a damnable dimwit, for he does not know even the simple fact that 6 months are longer than 60 years.

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