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Commonwealth Games Gloomy Scenario

Updated: October 2, 2010 11:29 am

Who says that the games will be held in October? Games are already being played with the ‘common wealth’—the common man’s wealth or to say the wealth which is yours and mine. Since the wealth is common, the players of the game decided to share it generously with their friends and relatives. The Organising Committee headed by Shri Kalmadi is playing this dirty game since the time the country was coaxed into hosting the CWG now and olympics later.

                Country had, however, enough time to gear itself for the proposed games with the requisite infrastructure like world-class stadiums and their surroundings in such a manner that the ad hoc development could result into a permanent investment in Sports sector and our coming generations of sportspersons might enjoy them for decades for honing their skills for a promising performance in future national and international events. A real investment indeed.

                Unfortunately, Kalmadi & co has chosen to really do just the otherwise. In their order of priorities, the sports and sportspersons take the back seat and their first priority is cosmetics, aesthetics and hospitality. Blatant window-dressing is being done probably with a view to befool the foreign guests into believing that we have arrived and do not belong to the developing or third-world countries any longer. It is characteristic of a psychology that you dress and eat the best before your guest to befool him about your real status. A false vanity indeed.

                Coming to economics, this CWG is bound to be a historic event for our nation, in terms of the magnitude of corruption which has dwarfed the bofors and other similar scams in the past that rocked the country in their times. The outlay has reached hundred times more of the original budget. A real shame indeed.

                It has already started rocking the nation with scams after scams being unearthed and skeletons coming out of the cupboard. Fraud in hiring of taxis in London at baton-relay event & treadmills here had shocked the nation and as it was not enough, recent revelation of purchase of toilet paper rolls at Rs. 4000 each has left the nation guessing of the real magnitutde of corruption in several gigantic constructions and other cosmetic works. Rs 30 crores for flower pots and 80 crores for diamond-studded golden ‘dumb bells’ have left everybody awestruck and dumb.

                Huge siphoning of the public money was infact meticulously planned and carried out is anybody’ guess. By deliberately delaying the major projects with a view to create emergency so that things could be hurriedly carried out in a war like manner, having scant regard for costs and the quality, Kalmadi & co has very successfully played their sinister game. Not only imperatives are being done, lot of repetitive and unnecessary works have been unduly created to multiply their dividends. Pavements, drains, roads ,dividers & curbs, which were made within a year or so in the past have been ruthlessly demolished throughout the metropolis.

                Whole of Delhi is completely besieged & hijacked by these cwg goons and the civic life is completely out of gear. Deadlines are continuously extended since the woes have been compounded by monsoon which is by all means expected. It is common knowledge that civil works cannot be carried in such irresponsible manner. They entail a reasonable period and strict quality control and giving the contractors weekly extensions with sword hanging over their heads is only an eye wash but also a big fraud being played with the nation.

                One rainpour exposed the whole fraud. Inaugurations with leaking roofs and cracking tiles serve no purpose except saving the faces of these rascals who may be desparate to come out of this mess. Whole nation is now destined to wait for various failures and calamities to visit in the future, god forbid, not during the games but certainly post the event. Several projects will have to be redone and colossal expenditure on repairs and maintenance would be required.

                With the star-players keeping off, sponsors withdrawing, guests with-holding their bookings & low turnout of buyers for tickets, a very dismal picture is presently being perceived. Country is faced with a dilemma and helplessness in the entire episode where not only the country’s resources have been so shamelessly squandered but also the national prestige is compromised in the eyes of the international community. Dirty linen is now being openly washed and Shri Kalmadi, the architect of this national shame, still has the audacity to say that he is completely innocent and even prepared to face the CBI enquiry. A few of his aides have been suspended and few more will also face the music. But the irony of our country is that here the heads never roll, what indeed rolls is the currency.

                In order to salvage this messy situation,the country now has to shell out more funds immediately to defend its sagging prestige and ironically our taxpayer is the most understanding creature, who has weathered typhoons in the past and can survive this holocaust too with utter patience and forget-and-forgive mindset. For financing this whole loot, Govt of NCR has already ensured to exploit every possible penny in the pockets of its people by inflating prices of all utilities and are still on the job to explore how more revenues could be extorted from its rich inhabitants as believed by the CM. Is it not phenomenal like robbing Peter to pay Harry? A real picture of being hand-in-glove indeed.

                Finally I suggest that in place of lamenting, we must honour these bandits by awarding Platenum Medals for their records of excellence in high-jumps, long-jumps, hurdles races, decathlon & shootings. A real pat at their bottoms indeed.

By Ravi Dev Gupta

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