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Common Cold & Cough

Updated: April 2, 2011 1:01 pm

Common cold is very uncomfortable. Once caught, it causes hindrance in our work and lasts at least a week. These days there are many medicines available in the market which promise to relieve cold in a day. Often there are side effects. One should not use anti-biotics as they weaken our body and further loss of appetite is caused. So a definite no for anti-biotics unless suffering from some serious complication and suggested by a medical practitioner. Let it take its own time to settle meanwhile we have the remedies like adarak, tulsi, kalimirch chai, steem, gargle etc. to give some relief. It is a practice in many households to depend on home remedies for getting relief from cold. It is very common to give honey and tulsi extract to small children to get relief from cold and cough. Moreover, the body expels the impurities in the form of cold so one should not suppress it by taking medicines and anti-biotics. If there is no relief even after one week and there is no improvement in the situation then doctor’s advice should be taken.

                Here are some more natural remedies to get quick relief from cold and cough


Sometimes the infection is due to dust allergy. In such cases take 10 tulsi leaves, 10 pepperpods, 10g ginger add all these to a cup of water and boil till it is reduced to half cup add little honey or mishri and drink twice a day. After drinking do not take any food till half an hour.

■             Add ½ spoon turmeric to ¼ spoon lahsun paste and take internally to get relief from throat pain and infection.

■             Take pepper, elaichi, jeera and dalchini and make fine powder of all these and mix well. Take this powder with thumb and fore finger and inhale through nose. This relieves from cold and fever.

■             Take one jaiphal, put little milk on hard surface and rub to get fine paste. Apply this on nose and forhead to get relief from running nose.

■             Boil water with little turmeric and azwain, add little honey and give to children to get relief from cold.

■             Take triphala powder, ginger, pepper, pippal and neem leaves, add all these to a glass of water, bring to boil and gargle when warm to get relief from throat pain.

■             Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Add honey to lemon juice diluted in a glass of water and take twice daily.

■             Roast azwain, put in a clean cloth and keep near the nose inhale. This too gives relief from blocked nose.

■             Roast 100 gm wheet and 100 gm turmeric grind to powder and store in a bottle. Take ½ spoon of it with honey twice daily.

■             Unable to sleep with nose block, take hot cooked rice, add little turmeric, cover the nose with it and lie down for 10 minutes to get immediate relief from blocked nose.

■             If the cold is very severe, warm little mustard oil and apply to chest, back, nose and throat. If the problem is mild, apply til oil or heat coconut oil, add little kapoor (camphor) let it melt and then apply to child’s nose, throat so that he is relieved from nose block and have a good sleep.


■             One clove or a piece of harad if chewed can give relief from cough.

■             Half-spoon pepper powder, little honey and curd mix together and take twice a day.

■             Take 5 gm mustard oil and 5 gm jaggery and mix well. Take twice daily for three weeks to get rid of cough

■             Take the raw turmeric root, crush it, add to milk and boil with little mishri and sip this drink before going to bed.

■             Add ½ spoon pepper powder to ½ spoon ghee and take once a day to get relief from cough and breathlessness.

■             Add ½ spoon pepper powder to one cup milk and bring it to boil and drink before going to bed.

■             Add little honey to warm water and gargle to get relief from throat pain.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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