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Commitment Key To Success

Updated: March 27, 2010 12:30 pm

This book, in many ways, provides a roadmap for an individual along ones great journey called life. To live a fulfiling and grand life, one has to have a mission accommodating various dreams. It contains possibilities; contains wisdom from diverse walks of life. It starts its journey from purpose of life to self-management. The writer quotes Leider Richard: “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” It is indeed in finding out the purpose and then pushing it, one gets the fulfilment and understanding the meaning of life. Sense of purpose stimulates action and helps one setting his goals and motivates an individual to put in his best to achieve them. He quotes Gandhiji: “Find purpose and the means will follow.”

            The writer suggests that one should have a target in his life, get absorbed into it and go all out to achieve it with full intensity. Vision is another important thing, to achieve something in life. It is the quality to look beyond and see what others do not comprehend, enabling us to move ahead. The writer quotes: “The microscope with which you can see the opportunities in problems is called vision. Accomplishment of vision is possible only when one works out the details of the task in hand. Having a vision means having an eye on the future, but one’s hands are on the work. When someone sees something that others don’t, it becomes a dream. Dream is the fuel which ignites the mind.” The writer asks people to dream big and believe in them. Only people powered by dreams can try to achieve extra-ordinary feats. Even his limitations of a looser can be overcome by dreams. The writer quotes Robert Schuller: “Build a dream and the dream builds you.” Dreams come true when conviction conquers doubt. Setting a goal is another important step to achieve realise one’s dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. For the accomplishment of the goals, it should be measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Finally, the writer quotes Vivekananda: “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.”

            In the opinion of the writer, leadership is another important quality that significantly helps in the achievement of the goals. Leaders are the people who are committed to excellence in all spheres of life and set the benchmark for the rest of the people who look up to them and follow them. They redefine the limits of achievements; they cherish the challenges and like to be tested rather than to be rested. They have the ability to transform the lives of the people. They work with conviction and self-confidence when the going is tough. For the leaders, the spirit with which they work is more important than the tools with which they work. Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, social skills and emotional intelligence are the most important characteristics of leadership as they play a major role in making them

successful. The true leaders are those who create new leaders, recognise   them, lead them and build them.

            In the next chapter “Triumphs in adversity” the writer makes a point of caution that adversity can make us or break us. It can mould our life and make it successful and beautiful or it can make us crumble. Adversity is the moulding phase of life and one has to bear with it and keep patience. The writer believes that moments of despair and adversity are the mirrors that reflect the deepest truth of life and the biggest opportunities come disguised in adversity. In an optimistic note, the writer suggests that very often, the worst situations in life present best opportunities. Commitment is the key to success and one should follow one’s convictions. Hard work is the best talent that works in all the fields of human endeavour, and preparation and effort can resolve the biggest problems. Consistency of performance and regular effort are like two faces of a coin. Success is achieved by turning setbacks into achievements, by finding ways to deal with problems and turn them into fortunes by being steadfast and committed to your goals. Further, the writer assertively states that failures are milestones on the way to success; they guide us along the way to succeed by telling us how far we are off the target. He advises us to handle failures in a graceful manner; take it sportingly; not to be egoistic and practice humility. Humility is an expression of the heart which makes communication easy and it helps one grow, learn and prosper. Mind is the greatest gift of God to human beings as thinking is the basis of all actions and is the essence of learning. Lessons from the lives of great man like Gandhiji, Abraham Lincon, Vivekananda, Abdul Kalam and Bill Gates kindle a fire within us that helps us conquer struggles and take us to new glory and inspiration leading to great heights in life.

            The writer advises the people to embrace spirituality so as to enable them to realise a greater degree of self-awareness and help them understand themselves better and enables people to attain success fast. Lessons of spirituality are useful for their holistic development and a strong will power. He further emphasises the role that mind plays in human life as every idea originates in mind. He quotes the Bhagwat Gita: “For one who has conquered the mind, it is the best of the friends, but for one who fails to do so, it remains as the greatest enemy.” He recommends meditation as a very powerful instrument to improve concentration.

            To the writer, time management is another important tool to achieve success in life. Ability to manage time and effectively utilise it is an important factor for the achievement of success and discipline is an important tool to make best use of it. Finally, the writer advises people to develop a pleasing and likeable personality so as to enable them to march on the road to success. The writer in this book has tried to focus on some universal principles which never change. They provide a roadmap for an individual to move along great journey called life.

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By Prof KD Sharma

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