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Combating Viruses

Updated: January 4, 2014 1:09 pm

The growing trend of smartphones has caught the hacker world’s eye to hook up the phone

Smartphones which are considered to be the next-gen PCs have lured many hackers to bring new ways to attack your smartphones with viruses that were preliminarily meant for the computers. With a growing demand for the smartphones, there has been a steep rise in the manufacturing of viruses to intrude one’s privacy. There are reports of increase in spam and malware activities in the smartphones’ market and it has become a major concern for the handset makers to counter this problem. However, there have been many softwares that protect your phone from contracting with viruses. Here are the ways how viruses come into contact and some methods to prevent them:

During Downloading Apps

With a millions applications come complimentary viruses. During downloading of apps, there are examples when we tend to download malware files as well, which in turn damage your phone.

Remedy: To counter this, try to download genuine apps only and if possible try to go through the agreements, which are asked during the installation stage.

Streaming Web

Internet downloads and streaming are the easiest way to catch a virus. There are many spam and malware sites which directly download some files on your smartphone with viruses. One does not have any idea what could be coded in the files you download.

Remedy: Try to install an antivirus application that can scan those files and delete them if they consist of virus.

Hooking to PCs

When you connect your smartphone with your computer, at that time there is strong probability that your smartphone may get the malware too. It is because, if you do not scan your computer on regular interval, there are chances that computer might get viruses and these will be transferred to your device via USB.

Remedy: Scan your computer regularly with the updated antivirus. Try to connect to computer as least as possible.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth-enabled handsets have the super-tendency to absorb airborne viruses. This is quite frightening as Bluetooth phones can infect one another by simply being in the same vicinity.

Remedy: Try not to use Bluetooth for a long time and don’t keep it on unwontedly.

By Rohan Pal

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