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Combating The Yoga Way

Updated: January 9, 2010 3:30 pm

Diabetes, technically known as diabetes mellitus, is one of the most commonly-occurring diseases around the globe. Appallingly, India has the highest number of diabetics compared to any other country in the world. In this disease, there is uncontrolled increase of glucose or sugar level in the blood thereby leading to many troubles such as kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, neurological problems, amputation, damage retina and if not treated on time, then in the long run fat can deposited in the inner layer of arteries and the possibilities of occurrence of paralysis boost. Various studies have shown that the high incidence of diabetes in India is mainly because of sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and consumption of diets rich in fat, sugar and calories.
In this background, the team of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA) led by its Vice-Chancellor Dr HR Nagendra who is also a former NASA space scientist, he left his job and returned to India to devote his whole life to the cause of Yoga has stepped forward to help those people who are afflicted with this deadly disease by launching a nationwide movement–Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)–to bring about a change in people’s health through Yoga. The centre of SVYASA, situated about 32 km from Bengaluru, is spread over sprawling 100 acres of land nestled in natural beauty and filled with serene ambience. Hence, the centre is rightly called Prashanti Kutiram (Place where one can find peace).
Dr Nagendra elaborates the aims and objectives of SVYASA to Uday India thus: Since “India has the largest number of diabetics, making people aware of the hazards of this disease is the need of the hour and this is what SVYASA is doing, in addition to increasing the faith of the people about the efficacy of Yoga to combat this menace. For the last three decades, we have been using Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) against diabetes.”
Extensive evidence are available depicting the convincing role of Yoga therapy in effective treatment of diabetes with nearly 200 research papers published in indexed medical journals. As pioneers in the field of Yoga Therapy and as the most unique full-fledged University of Yoga in the country, SVYASA has carried out extensive research using IAYT.
The percentage of diabetic patients all over the world is increasing day-by-day. Diabetes is the third widespread and serious disease after heart disease and cancer. Therefore, all possible efforts to stop and control diabetes are being made on many levels. Yoga is the only antidote to lower the symptoms of such deadly diseases. But our lifestyle is becoming such that it is creating suitable atmosphere for diabetes.
“It is true that man must be equipped with an optimal level of stress to press himself into any kind of a service. But when this stress is blown out of proportion, it takes us towards something called diabetes. To create awareness about this, SDM has been launched and to attain this goal, Yoga is being used in a holistic manner,” informed Dr Nagendra.
Yoga therapy is being used on various levels like how to stop diabetes, how to save from diseases arising out of complications of diabetes, reducing the doses of medicines, prepare an ideal lifestyle and reduce the stress. For that purpose, there are Yoga experts, Yoga therapists, doctors and researchers at the center. All official works are carried out under the guidance of the experts. At the same time Doctors also monitor the health progress of the patient at every step.
Therapists administer Yoga therapy to the patients participating in this mission.
When asked to explain the difference between other Yoga gurus and SVYASA Yoga, Dr Nagendra said: “Different types of Yoga are used in a holistic way and Systematically, while prescribing Yoga treatment. All previous records of 10 years are collected and studied from the patients coming to SVYASA centre. We try to find out the solution by studying and doing research on their diseases with these our experience of over 15 years treatment on nearly 15,000 patients using authentic IAYT.”
We need energy to carry out any activity by the body. Our body converts glucose into working power and remains active. Digestive process converts carbohydrates from our food into glucose. As the proportion of glucose in the blood increases, immediately pancreas gland situated behind the stomach releases hormones known as insulin. It converts glucose in the form of power and stores the extra glucose in the cells of liver and muscles. Thus the quantum of glucose in the blood remains balanced. Diabetes mellitus is a disease state in which pancreas not functions normally, no sufficient insulin is produced and so, the body is not capable to manage its food intake properly, body’s metabolism gets disturbed.
The sugar, starch and other carbohydrates are not burnt properly because of missing insulin, it leads high blood sugar. The kidneys cannot bear too much sugar (glucose) in the blood and as a result it is filtered out with the urine. Body therefore, utilises fat instead of glucose. When glucose is converted to strength, the fuel is fully utilised but when fat is utilised as a fuel, poisonous gases like acetone are produced. A diabetic patient becomes comatose called as diabetic coma. Diabetes is normally categorised in two category-Diabetes I, Diabetes II.
Researches and treatments to diseases other than diabetes like heart problem, asthma, obesity, depression, back problem, blood pressure, stress, arthritis, eye disorders, cancer, etc, are conducted through Yoga Therapy.
“Treatment is provided by perfect harmony and combination of other modern therapies and Yoga after proper research. Various types of Yoga and technologies are carried out effectively and successfully to get the best results out of it.
Research studies from last twenty years proved that diabetes can be stopped through Yoga. It is possible to lower the symptoms of diabetes by adopting stress-free lifestyle. We treat all three types of diabetes but we mostly come across patients who belong to diabetes type-I,” said Dr. Nagendra.
Economically also SDM is beneficial to patients and to the nation. On an average, a diabetes patient spends fifteen hundred a month for diabetes treatment. There are five crore diabetes patients in India and spending crores of rupees on their treatment. Yoga therapy is a cost effective drugless therapy. Many diseases have been treated throughout the world and more research is being carried out. In the case of diabetes we can see that modern medicines are costlier than yoga therapy.
More and more people are rushing towards the modern on modern medical science. “Medical system is also growing as a ‘one dimensional’ approach with the physical body as the only reality. Treating by pharmacological and surgical interventions which are highly developed, having its own great contributions in the last century in eradicating the infectious and contagious diseases as also to give relief with acute care, the modern medical system has failed to deal with these life-style-based challenges as these are multi-dimensional and hence we have reached a dead-end to effectively meet this challenge” SYVASA argues. The emergence traditional treatment seems to be more effective and reliable than the modern treatment. “It is here that traditional, complimentary and alternate systems of healthcare are being adopted by large number of patients suffering from these diseases. The objective of SDM is to adopt this great contribution of Yoga to reverse the growing trend in the country and to prevent India becoming the diabetes capital of the world. The world is taking advantage of the popularity of Yoga by large scale adoption of the total approach of Yoga. That is a great contribution of India to the world. Our main thrust would also be to generate awareness of impending crisis ahead and urgency to come under the shelter of Yoga before the situation becomes critical. Our aim is to treat five thousand patients in each city. We have already covered eight cities and we are hopeful of achieve the target with in a year.
And now NIH and WHO have opened their doors to these ancient systems. India being the most ancient civilisation with fantastic wisdom on this globe, it had evolved the most comprehensive and in-depth healing and health care delivery systems in Ayurveda and Yoga as also Siddha, Unani, naturopathy , acupuncture, etc with life style as the key essence of maintaining health and treating diseases,” said Dr Nagendra.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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