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Colour Your Life With Colours Of Nature

Updated: February 27, 2010 1:23 pm

Why the people in judiciary should wear black- coloured coat/gown?   What are the reasons for wearing green-coloured clothes for a doctor in operation theatre? Why the Govt. of Delhi had to ban red line city bus service, whereas in Mumbai every city bus is painted red? Why a bride should wear red clothes, a set of red bangles (choora) on her arms, lipstick, nail polish and mehndi all in shades of red. These are mind-boggling questions for a person of normal prudence.

            In science colour is simply light of different wavelength. Passing light through a prism has spectrum of seven colours in the order of their wavelengths/frequencies. This spectrum is popularly known as VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow Orange, and Red). The Violet colour has shortest wavelength and highest frequency whereas red colour has highest wavelength and shortest frequency. The first three colours of spectrum Violet, indigo and Blue are called cool colours/electric colours and generally indicate calm/coolness. The three lower colours of Yellow, Orange and red are called warm colours/magnetic colours and indicate warmth and activity. Green is the balance between cool and warm rays. Most living things appear to be vitalised by the bright reds, oranges and yellow of daylight and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos and violets of nights.

            Investigations into the therapeutic use of colours were carried out in different countries of world during early twentieth century. In 1958 Robert Gerard Found that red produced feelings of arousal and was disturbing to anxious or tense subjects while blue generated feeling of tranquility and well being and had a calming effect. The discovery that blood pressure increases under red light and decreases under blue light led Genard to suggest that psycho-physiological activation increases with wavelength from blue to Red.

            Research in plants and animals conducted by the photo biologist Dr John Ott demonstrated that plants grown under red galls were found to shoot up four times quicker that those grown in ordinary sun light and grow much more slowly under blue glass. However, although red light initially over stimulated plants, their growth was subsequently stunted, whereas blue light produced slow growth initially but taller, thick plants later. In 1990, scientists reported to annual conference of the American Association for Advancement of Science on the successful use of blue light in the treatment of a wide variety of psychological problems, including addictions, eating disorder, impotence and depression. At the other end of the colour spectrum, red light has been shown to be effective in the treatment of migraine headache and cancer, it has been well established that colours have definite psychological and physiological effects.

            colour preferences for an individual are innate. Each person is born with an attraction for particularly colour. Orange colour draws attention quickly and indicates informality and loudly proclaims that product is suitable for everyone. Yellow colour signals cheapness, temporariness and caution. Yellow is the colour that the eyes register the quickest. Even a single row of yellow marigold growing outside a home for sale will hasten the payments of deposits. Since yellow also signals caution, it is preferred for rental cars, school buses and taxis but not for banks. Splashes of yellow such as in a bouquet of flowers are

cheering but a mass of the colour trend to cause tempers to flare. Babies cry more frequently and with a greater gusto in the presence of yellow. Temperamental artists, opera singers, writers and musicians explode the quickest in yellow rooms.

            Wealthiest persons prefer forest green and burgundy. Red colour has many virtues. It makes people unaware of how much time is passing and is therefore the colour of choice of casinos and bars. Studies have shown that red makes good more aromatic and entices people into eating more. Conversely people refuse to eat blue tinted goods. People have natural aversion to eating something blue. Weight loss programme are more successful when goods are eaten while looking at blue decoration.

            Astrology, the knowledge in our ancient scriptures can provide answers to various mind-boggling questions about colours. In astrology, each planet and each zodiacal sign signifies a colour. Black, blue and indigo colours are represented by planet Saturn. Saturn causes delays and is a planet of endurance, perseverance, self-control, sense of duty towards almighty and man, precaution in all matters. It develops in an individual truth, charity, power and meditation and concentration, sincerity and prudence. Saturn applies pressures. In judiciary, stakes involved are very high. Even death or heavy losses may be the result of imprudent judgment made in haste. Wearing black clothes means all people connected with judiciary are under influence of planet Saturn. By doing this, it is ensured that no undue haste is shown in judging a dispute and decisions are made only after taking due precaution in weighing all pros and cons of subject matter.

            As brought out above, green colour signifies balance between cool and warm. It is exactly at the center of spectrum and has medium wavelength. Astrologically this colour is assigned to planet Mercury. Mercury rules over central nervous system. It is a planet of intelligence and is responsible for retentive power. Its chief domain is over mind, memory, intelligence, perception and knowledge. Doctor in an operation theatre is like a god for a patient. Slight negligence may be disastrous and may cause havoc. Doctor while performing operation has to maintain his/her nervous balance and can not afford to be too fast or too slow. He has to be just perfect. Mercury bestows these qualities to a doctor in green dress who is expected to be perfect.

            In astrology the colour red is represented by planet Mars. Mars is the significator of energy both constructive and destructive. Martians are sometimes said to be extremists. Mars signifies the fighting power. Mars gives determination and desire to succeed in material field. It makes native adventurous, ambitious, enthusiastic. However, if Mars are afflicted, it gives rash and aggressive spirit, combative and destructive nature. In such a case, it makes the native head strong, unruly, impulsive, quarrelsome and violent. All defence forces and police come under the ruler ship of Mars. It is a fact that if constructive part of Mars energy is to be made use of, it needs command of discipline. Without discipline police and forces can go berserk.   Similar was the situation of Red Line bus service in Delhi, which caused havoc on Delhi Roads. It took toll of large number of innocent people. There was no disciplinary agency to control Delhi City red buses. However, Mumbai has well organised and disciplined fleet of red buses and city bus service is doing exceedingly well. In astrology if red colour is handled with care, its energy can be constructive. Due to these qualities of Mars, red is colour of celebration. A bride wears red clothes, a set of red bangles, lipstick, nail polish and mehndi all in shades of red, as red signifies energy, ambition success in materialist world and signifies the rich and colourful nature of married life.

            In an office, which involved purchases of behalf of other organisations, flies with black cover were used and every body was perturbed with delays in finalisation of purchases. Author was assigned to solve the problem by using tenets of astrology. Simply by changing colour of file cover from black to green, results were miraculous. Not only purchases were made in time but also officers got appreciation from project authority.

            The effect of colours on life is of great significance to human beings. colours have language of the own. Human being i.e. self has unlimited potential which can be explored to across any boundary. By tapping the magical influence of colours most effectively, success and prosperity can be ensured. By blending right colours in life, there can be definite improvement in health, financial position, prosperity and popularity. In fact we can make life colourful with colours of nature.

By Anil Kumar Jain

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