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CM Kejriwal’s another brain wave

Updated: July 17, 2015 5:20 am

A chief minister with 67 MLAs out of 70 supporting him is in confrontational mood—which possibly comes to him naturally. With nothing left to fight for with the Centre, Arvind Kejriwal has thought of a new demand to provoke the Centre—he has said a referendum be held on granting statehood to Delhi.

Of course possibly acquiring power he does not think of anything—not even worried about national interests. A referendum in Delhi could kick off renewed demand for referendum in Kashmir. And this will be on an international scale.

As it is Kejriwal’s demand for a referendum is not very convincing. Ever since he has come to power, Kejriwal has been busy fighting the Lt. Gov Najeeb Jung on issues which reflect his desire to increase his power as much as he can. Is he a control freak? Naredra Modi shows some signs of that trait but his concern for the country and people restrains him from going overboard.

As it is no major problems facing Delhi people who voted him to power with such overwhelming majority, remain unsolved. And before he asked for referendum, he remember that he fled from his chief minister’s gaddi without asking the people.

And there are many skeptics to his internally held referendum’s verdict in his first term, on whether he should form a minority government. No one ever came to know what were terms of references and how many voted. Many say darkly that very day we should have become wary of him. It was clear that he wanted power and that too hurriedly.

Since his return outstanding problems—-water, power, regularization of colonies —remain unsolved while Kejriwal has been busy feuding with Jang. And now he is aspiring for a major confrontation. He should know that but for Sikkim, no referendum has been held before creating a new State.

Also Constitution has no provision for referendum for splitting any state in two. And more importantly does he not realise—which in fact a chief minister and that too in Delhi should –that referendum would stir-up separatists.

Kejriwal is obviously feeling safe having passed on routine work and functioning to his number two. He does not realise that both success and failure would be put by people in his CR. He is obviously in his ‘normal’ aggressive mood. That does not behove good for his future.

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