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Chinks in Congress’ Armour

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: July 16, 2020 1:03 pm

On the Galwan Valley incident, politics is taking place in the country these days. Various political parties are making statements that have demoralised the army. It looks like India encounters China in the Galwan Valley but the real riot is happening between the BJP and the Congress. Amidst allegations and counter-allegations, there has been heated debate about foreign donations received by political parties. The Congress blames that the Chinese company Huawei paid Rs 7 crore in the ‘PM Cares Fund’. It was natural for the BJP and the government to seethe. Thus, the government conducted investigations on three trusts of the Sonia-Gandhi family, alleging that they have been paid crores of rupees by the Chinese government and the Chinese embassy. However, it would have been surprising if the aggression of the first family of the Congress did not make headlines in these contexts. The Congress’s first family does not miss an opportunity to attack Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. They forget that there are some occasions where national interests are more important. On such occasions, party interests are not given more consideration. But the first family of the Congress forgets this principle of politics and patriotism. The first family behaved like this when the entire country was furious against China after the Chinese army infiltrated the Ladakh border in the buffer zone and in the skirmish against it on the night of June 15-16. As if the family wanted to save China and for them the real culprit was Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party. At that time, Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the Congress, kept coming up with such questions that played an important role in flaring up the Indian psyche. Despite all kinds of attempts, Rahul Gandhi is still not successful in creating an environment against Modi, who has a clean image all over the country, as he has nurtured a culture of good governance in the country. Succinctly put, there is no second thought about it.

But the manner in which the first family of the Congress f works, it seems that it is not able to overcome the hangover of power or it is not able to accept the fact that any other person can take control of power in the country. It is another matter that the psyche of the country has changed and it is becoming more and more supportive of Narendra Modi, irritated by such criticisms. This is the reason why some members of the Congress Working Committee suggested that the current and former president of the Congress should avoid direct and personal attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For, it is this rigid attitude of the family that is responsible for the simmering dissent in party’s state units. No wonder, after losing the power in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress government is on tenterhooks in Rajasthan, as Sachin Pilot, who is camping at a luxury hotel near Delhi with a few MLAs (at the time of writing this Edit), insisted that Ashok Gehlot had lost his majority. Against this backdrop, it is apt to say that the Congress is looking at a very bleak future. All the country over, it has been ceding space not to opposition parties but to its so-called allies, some of whom are former Congressmen. For the Congress to rejuvenate itself and project as a credible alternative, it has to do a few things: one, permanently cast away the bondage to the “family”; two, unmindful of the short-term pain, the new and capable leader should work sincerely to get the party growing from grassroots level.  Last but not least, the Congress has to seriously think about its core constituency, i.e. its own cadres, who are selflessly associated with the growth of the organisation. Many senior leaders and party workers think themselves to be alienated from the party and they feel like they are just holding posts ornamentally, having no power for taking any decisions, and many non-entities are given importance in the organisation and the government. It is very difficult to take hard decisions to strengthen the party and inculcate faith into the cadres. But, the family supporters are making all-out efforts to keep the family in the helm of affairs of the Congress. Hence, it is high time to sense the concern of the common man, taking care of the cadres of the party.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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