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China: A Threat to Global Peace

By Dr. Alok Chakrawal
Updated: June 28, 2020 2:10 pm

Careful study of history of China reveals that it is a country believing in dynasties, feudalism, autocracy, suppressing democracy, abusing human rights, ill-treating its neighbours, and creating disturbance in global peace by hook or crook. China is ruled by one party i.e. Communist Party of China since 1949. The Communist Party of China has ensured by all means that no alternate political party should exist in mainland China to challenge their monopoly. The policy of political monopoly has encourages the Government of Peoples Republic of China to suppress and crush democratic movements several times.

China was considered to be an insignificant power during the World War II. China was on the side of allies of USA, UK, France and USSR during the war. When the Axis countries got defeated in the World War II, China was under control of Japan for decades was given extra liberty by the Allies countries. None of the World War II victorious countries knew about hidden aspirations of China to control the entire world over a long period. The Communist Party of China started controlling regional tribes, cults, ethnic groups and countrymen in a structured manner. It worth mentioning that nothing comes out of China beyond the knowledge of the Government of People’s Republic of China (PRC). In other words, China shows the world what it wants to show. Nobody know what is going on in China in real terms. China sensors and controls everything including individual movement, personal communications, print media, electronic media, internet backbone, and what not.

Since its very independence, China has stared creating trouble to its neighbours and its own nationals. China illegally captured independent Tibet in 1949 by military aggression. China occupied major part of Aksai Chin in 1947 and during Shino- Indian war in 1962. China has stated creating military disturbance in South China Sea troubling Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea in recent years. China is creating artificial islands to strengthen its strategic presence in this region. China has always stood by Pakistan in its notorious and heinous act of terrorism. India and other peace loving countries have tried several times to put restrictions on Pakistan, to curtail the use of its land for spreading cross border terrorism, in United Nations Organisation (UNO). But surprisingly, China saves Pakistan every time by using its veto power at UNO. China is killing thousands of Uyghurs Muslims in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China just to supress demand of freedom from China. The recent incident of spreading of Corona Virus COVID – 19 across the globe; and then denying its involvement in the event shows how dangerous is the China for the human kind.


Chinese Illegal Control over Tibet

China captured Tibet in the years 1949 by military aggression. The Republic of China asserts that there was Qing’s dynasty rule over Tibet during 1644 to 1922; and, therefore, Tibet is the part of Peoples Republic of China (PRC). As a matter of fact, Tibet was a free country since 1912 and it enjoyed sovereignty for almost forty years. Further, Tibet has been ruled by several dynasties for centuries in contrast with the Chinese claim. History of Tibet reveals that certain parts of it has been ruled by Nepalese, Mongolians, Indians, and some other dynasties. The geographical map of the Tibet has ever been changing. In the last thousand years the map of Tibet has been changed drastically. Samuel Augustus Mitchell, the American Geographer, has depicted a totally different map of Tibet in the year 1864 as compared to present day map.

The Chinese claim appears to be stupid that since the Tibet was ruled by some Mongolian and Qing dynasty in 14th and 16th century and, hence, it has all powers to supersede Tibet’s sovereignty. If this the rule India should put its claim over Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and of course certain parts of China too to be the part of Republic of India. Ample of historical evidences are available to substantiate existence of Indian rulers and their control over these countries in the last two thousand years. In the age on hyper virtual world anyone can access maps of Maurya Dyanasty, Gupta Dynasty, Harshwrdhan (Pushyabhuti) Dynasty, Moughal Empire, and British Rule. If we go by the Chinese argument and supporting principle, India should have a control over almost its more than double geographical area as a sovereign country.

We need to understand that the People’s Republic of China is not a democratic country but it is ruled by a group of autocratic minded communists. As of now, there are more than nine crore active members of Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC is a kind of monopoly and there is no threat to it in terms of managing governmental affairs of China. The 94 year old communist party has become the greatest worry of the world by now. The CPC is creating threat to the world by encroaching boundaries, threatening independency and sovereignty of countries in its neighbourhood.

The Hong Kong Ditch

Um país, dois sistemas means One Country Two System. It was the abiding principle to China when Hong Kind was handed over by the United Kingdom in the year 1997. The Government of China agreed to the Great Britain that they will let the existing system of Hong King prevail; and there should be no intervention form mainland China in terms of form of the Government and its democratic structure. Nevertheless, China is well known for its unreliable approach; and, thus, it started behaving accordingly. China started creating trouble since 2002 by imposing officers from the mainland China in Hong Kong’s administration. The Chinese Government wanted to pass an extradition bill, in the year 2019, enabling the Government of China to bring dissidents arbitrarily from Hong Kong to mainland China. Indirectly, it was a passage to the Chinese Government to control Hong Kong’ administration from Beijing. The citizens of Hong Kong sensed the malign intensions of China and the came on the streets o to protest against China in huge solidarity. The Government of PRC has massacred big number of citizens in Hong Kong in the wake of suppressing civil opposition of China.


Massacre at the Tiananmen Square

Hu Yaobang was a visionary Communist serving within the Communist Party of China. Hu served as the Secretary General of Communist Party of China from 1982 to 1987. Hu was against the economic reforms initiated by the Government of PRC in early eighties. He believed that the Chinese Government has not prepared well to implement economic reforms. It was a common feeling among the peoples of China that so called economic reforms has helped only handful of higher ups in the Communist Party of China. Hu passed away in April 1989. His death sparked a historical movement in China demanding absolute democracy. The agitation was led by the students groups across the China. The major agitation was going on in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. It is believed that more than one lakh students gathered to protest against the Chinese Government at the   Tiananmen Square in the month of April, 1989. The Government of PRC was shattered with the strong and firm movement by the students of Beijing. There was not option available except calling the military force to suppress the protest. The Chines Government imposed Martial Law; and more than ten thousand students were killed by the army at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing in April 1989. The entire world condemn the act of China; but, surprisingly, neither USSR (Russia) nor United States of America took any action against the act of Chinese Government. Amnesty International, Human Rights activist and so called rationalist have no voice against the Chinese heinous act.


Hijacking Taiwan’s Sovereignty

Taiwan has a complicated history in terms of its existence. There was a time when it was known as Republic of China (ROC). Chiang Kai-shek who fled from mainland China had given this name – Republic of China to Taiwan in 1949. The hidden intention of Chiang Kai-shek was to bring mainland China under the Government of ROC in long run. However, People’s Republic of China never recognised Taiwan as an independent country’; the Government of PRC claimed that the Taiwan is a separated province of China which will be brought back and if needed military actions should be initiated against it. Nevertheless, Taiwan embraced the system of democracy in the year 2000 by electing hen Shui-bian as its first President. Democratic elections are taking place at local and national level in Taiwan since 2000. Ms Tsai was elected President of Taiwan. She has been more vocal against China with the support of US President Donald Trump.

Ms Tsai has become an eyesore to China since 2016. China has pressurised international companies to show Taiwan as part of China and the products manufactured by MNCs in Taiwan should print as ‘Manufactured in PRC’. China has threatened Multinational Corporations of serious consequences in case of ignoring PRC’s wishes. China is leaving no stone unturned to have a political control over Taiwan.

Killing of Uyghurs Muslims

Uyghurs are a native ethnic group residing in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. Uyghurs have genetic inheritance from Turkey and are culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia. Islamization of Uyghur started taking place since 10th Century. As a matter of fact, majority of Uyghur are Muslims today. Uyghurs of Xinjiang Autonomous Region have been demanding freedom from China for several decades to establish themselves as free nation. The Chinese President Xi Jinping set up the Xinjiang Re-education camps, officially called Vocational Education and Training Centers, in 2015 to torture rebellion Uyghur Muslims.

China is becoming a threat to the global peace day by day. The recent heinous act of Chinese army of killing 20 Indian Army Solders is the new low of its behaviour. China has never agreed to British demarcation of international Shino-Indian border. India and China have agreed several time to honor Line of Actual Control (LAC). China has been constructing roads, bridges and other strategic structures on their side control to which India has never opposed them. But China has notoriously obstructed India for building roads, bridges and other important set ups. They keep on crossing and encroaching Indian sides often. China tried to extend its road in Doklam (Bhutan) in June 2017. Being allies of Bhutan, India crossed Sikkim borders to stop People’s Liberation Army (PLA)

of China. The standoff between Indian and Chinese army continued for two months and finally China had to go back. China is an unreliable county and becoming a danger to the human civilization. United States of America has started realising the possible threat; and, hence, it has started the process of recognising Tibet and Hong Kong as independent countries to cut China to its size. After the Galwan Valley hostilities with Chinese army, India has issued an advisory to several bodies to stop importing and consuming products from China. India is capable of giving befitting response to China on all fronts. The other countries need to unite against China to save humanity.


By Dr. Alok Chakrawal

(The writer is a Professor, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat)

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