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Celery is a wonderful medicinal herb with endless list of health benefits. It is particularly good for stomach disorders and for general. Celery is fairly high in roughage and low in calories. Its high water content makes it a specially good food to eat with foods that are more concentrated, particularly heavy starches. It is an alkaline food and should be classified as protective food. The greener stalks of celery are specially good source of vitamin A and celery is also a good source of vitamins B1 and G. It is rich in chlorine, sodium, potassium and magnesium.

As an all-round maintainer of good health celery juice gets top position. It gives a cooling effect and help to normalize the body temperature during hot dry weather. It is good by itself or mixed with other vegetable juices, and goes best with carrot, carrot and parsley, or apple. Celery can be juiced with fruits, vegetables or nuts for a complete easily digested meal. Celery is generally known as a sodium food and sodium that we call the youth maintainer in the body. Sodium helps keep us young and active and the muscles limber and pliable. Whenever there is stiffness in the joints and creaking or cracking in the knees, we know we are lacking in sodium. Sodium is the one element that most people lack.

When the tissues of joints and arteries get hard, that means there is too much calcium in the body and a softer element is needed. The best element that counteracts calcium is sodium. It helps keep calcium in solution. because it is one of the best food for keeping the body well. It neutralises acids and is a good blood cleanser. It has protective properties that are beneficial to both the brain and the nervous system. Celery is an excellent food for people suffering from arthritis, neuritis and rheumatism. It can help to clear up high blood pressure.

Sodium is one of the chemical element needed so much in the walls of the stomach and in the intestinal tract. Celery is particularly good for these parts of the body. It is also best to avoid using raw celery leaves if there is any stomach irritation. Broths made of celery leaves are with other vegetables and milk or cream added is good to take for stomach disturbance. The mild or cream has a wonderful soothing effect on the stomach, specially when there is excessive acidity. A broth made with celery and other vegetables is also good in an elimination diet.

To prepare for eating, scrub and wash thoroughly, to be sure all poisonous sprays are removed. Before the top of celery are used, it should be separated and washed several times. If you are cooking celery top douse them in water that is slightly warm to insure a thorough washing.

If you are cooking celery steam it only long enough to break down the fibres or cook it a few minutes in a vessel with tight lid. Use very little water. Cooked celery takes only about three hours to digest. Celery is also delicious in soup and is a seasoning in almost all cooked food.


By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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