Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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  • Visionary Modi’s Mission Sewa

    September 22, 2020 1:01 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Today, our nation is facing a tough challenge in the form of Covid-19 and the vicious gaze of China and Pakistan. There is a constant effort to destabilise and distort our age-old Vedic culture, which defines and explains that Bharat... View Article

  • Rein in the Media

    September 9, 2020 11:49 am Published by Leave your thoughts

    Today, news on the Sushant Singh death mystery episode is being presented with a variety of stories on 24×7 news channels. There happens to be many issues of infusing hope and positivity in the common man, but instead of discussing... View Article

  • Right to Riots?

    August 29, 2020 2:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    There appears to be a conspiracy hatched in Karnataka before August 15 to spoil the atmosphere there, i.e., in only two days, an attempt was made to impair the ambience at two places in Karnataka. On 11 August 2020, violence... View Article

  • Shilanyas of New Bharat

    August 12, 2020 3:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    “Saugandh Ram Ki Khaate Hain, Hum Mandir Wahi Banayenge” was one among many such slogans that rented the air from billions of Ram Bhakts from the period starting mid-80s when the Sangh Pariwar commenced Ramjanmabhoomi Mukti Yajna Samiti. On August... View Article

  • Degeneration to Congress Core!

    July 30, 2020 2:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    The political battle between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan has deeply shaken the foundation of the Congress. There is a big question: Can there be a reversal like Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan too? So far, Gehlot’s political acumen... View Article

  • Chinks in Congress’ Armour

    July 16, 2020 1:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    On the Galwan Valley incident, politics is taking place in the country these days. Various political parties are making statements that have demoralised the army. It looks like India encounters China in the Galwan Valley but the real riot is... View Article

  • Taming The Dragon

    June 28, 2020 2:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    The Chinese adventure on the border entailing loss of life of considerable number of our soldiers has no doubt undone decades of painstakingly negotiated confidence-building mechanisms. The fact that they had no qualms in precipitating the crisis so soon after... View Article

  • Yogi: In Style of Its Own

    June 9, 2020 8:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    The way Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has demonstrated his political acumen, social experience, leadership skills, readiness and strong will to take decisions during the Corona crisis, he has become a symbol of light in the dark. The... View Article

  • Shot Down The Shop of ‘Secularism’

    May 20, 2020 2:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Unity in Diversity is a unique culture of this ancient land Bharat, which is not found in any part of the world. We celebrate diversity; we welcome debate; we welcome dissent; when we don’t agree, then we say let us... View Article

  • Bharat, Bharatiyata and COVID-19

    April 26, 2020 12:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    This is a new experience in life to face such tough days. Every where there is an atmosphere of uncertainty. What will happen , how pay salary, how to go ahead with fresh ideas and visions ! I hope life... View Article