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Castor Oil Plant

Updated: July 17, 2015 9:10 am

Castor oil plant is known as Arandi in Hindi. The plant has been in use since times immemorial. There are two varieties of this plant red and white. There are varieties in sizes of the plant too, big castor oil plant and small castor oil plant. The small one is supposed to be the best of all. The leaves of this plant represent the human palm showing five fingers.

On the top- most -branch of the tree we find the yellow colour flowers. The fruits of this plant contain three seeds. It is said that red castor oil tree contain more health benefits than the white one. It cures many of the diseases like paralysis.

Castor Plant


  • Take few caster seeds remove the outer cover carefully as it poisonous, extract the white seed grind it to paste and put in cow milk four times to it and bring it to boil until it comes to thick consistency. After cooling store in a bottle. Take this 5 to 10g one hour before meal both the times. This cures constipation and diseases like paralysis.
  • Apply sesame oil to the caster leaves, warm them and then tie as bandage at the joint to relieve the pain and burning sensation.


  • Remove the outer cover of the seed and let the seeds be in curd for a day and then grind them to paste. Apply this on the skin to get relief from severe itching.
  • Boils and old injuries can be cured by regularly applying the paste derived by the root of the plant. Even the leaves can be crushed and tied as poultice.
  • Cut the roots of caster tree wash them thoroughly and dry them. Make them into small pieces and store them. Keeping one piece twig in mouth and chewing them relieves from any kind of poison as it acts as anti dote to poison.
  • Castor oil is laxative. It is given to small children to clean stomach and expel worms if any, once in six months. Even adults too take a little larger dose of castor oil to cleanse their stomach. In olden days it was the only laxative known in each and every house hold and very common to take it. That day the diet was supposed to be very light and restricted.
  • Castor oil is used in many cosmetics, hair oils and medicines. In olden days the oil was used to light lamps.
  • It is believed that the extract of the leaves of this plant cure jaundice.

Beautiful woman applying hair conditioner

  • Burning sensation in the feet disappears if you apply castor oil and coconut oil mixed together in equal amounts.
  • Castor oil is good for kidneys. If taken in small amounts i.e. about 10g regularly in the night cure all kidney related ailments including stones in kidney.
  • Do consult your doctor before use. The seeds of this plant are poisonous. It is not advised to grow this plant in and around the house, as the beans of the plant are most toxic. Children should not be allowed to go near the plant.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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