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‘Cancer Weds Cancer’

Updated: April 19, 2018 2:51 pm

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Sudhir Mota,has made this famous quote influential in his book ‘cancer weds cancer.’

As according to the author, life is a vast ocean within which innumerous things keep happening. And the main thing is, all these calamities of situations that occur in the ocean of life, are mostly unforeseeable. Among these powerful calamities, one most unpredictable is Cancer.

Cancer, I believe itself is a very strong word. It is that cyclone of life which can come and wash out anyone at any time. Luckier are those who get aware about this upcoming calamity, a little early. But those who get to know at the very last stage when the calamity is about to knock their door and destroy them, I consider those people really strong and dauntless.

Here in the story, the author’s wife had cancer and they got to knowabout it just a little before the cyclone of cancer was going to hit her hard to death. Yes. It was stage 4 when they got to know about it. But the survivor and her better half chose to get into the boat of calmness and through it, and smoothly sail with the flow rather than drowning in the cancer waters.

Being a poet, Mr. Sudhir has always understood and appreciated the rhythmic Up’s and Down’s in life. He has taught us that if life is a music then we ought to play the strings of all the chords at least once.

‘Cancer Weds Cancer’

Sudhir Mota

Publication-Sarvatra Publication


Price: `150/-

Each of his description, starting from tenderness and joy of bright festivals, to his deep poems, to his religious thoughts, all of them were unique and heart touching. Because of course, a word written by heart touches the heart; and this author did it . At every turn of their life the writer has created a very optimistic situation enlightening a flicker of positive hope in the minds of readers till the very last.

Grief, was something very beautifully illustrated by the author. He has said that we all bloom like roses and one fine day only our memories and fragrance shall prevail in the world. And till then, he says to be content with our happiness and haughty of our grief.

Then, at the last pages of his words, he glorified the significance of Holi, of colours and their relation with our life. It is given how our life’s each stage welcomes a new shade of colour everytime. And then how, we get some extra colours, but wait for right time to open them.

Childhood and youth, according to Mr. Mota, is that sweetest pie which we scratch till the bottom of pan. Birth and death, being called brackets of life by him, there exists both positive and negative signs within, which we all have to come across.

‘Journey of time is our journey.’

With this, the beautiful book has ended. The book teaches us to face the reality called life and to welcome both sweet and melancholy times joyfully.

This book ignites inspiration, positivity, happiness, truth, and of course the very beauty and charm of life.

By Vishwarupa Rath





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