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Camphor is obtained from the wood of the camphor Laurel (CinnamomumCamphora) tree.It has very strong fragrance and it is one of the main ingredient used in all the Hindu devotional purposes. The usage of camphor in Hindu worship has been a practice since ages.  No sacred ritual gets fulfilled without the use of camphor. It destroys all kinds of evil energies and enhances the flow of positivity in the place.  The surroundings are filled with nice fragrance and energy. It opens up senses and brings clarity to the mind. Apart from religious importance, it contains   some wonderful health benefits.

Camphor is available in two types. One is edible and the other is synthetically made camphor.



  • Camphor is available in two types. One is edible and the other is synthetically made camphor.
  • Camphor is known to improve the air quality which is good for our lungs and heart. It is used as a component in cough drops and cough syrup.
  • It has anti -inflammatory properties and camphor oil is used to treat acne, pimples, boils etc. It is also beneficial to get rid of muscle pain, swelling, gum infection and rheumatism. Study on the Camphor extracts has found that it has anti-inflammatory properties that not only restricted to muscle aches but also lower the cholesterol levels.
  • Itchy head, lice infested hair dandruff can be treated by applying the combination of camphor oil with coconut oil.  If you suffer from itching and rashes on the skin edible  camphor can be added to little water and can be applied on the skin.  But take care       not to apply on any open wound.
  • It is a wonderful disinfectant, insecticide and germicide. A few drops of camphor oil can be added to the water when there is a possibility of water being contaminated.  If you keep camphor in the dark corners of your house, it can ward off germs and mosquitoes.
  • It is excellent at fighting infections. Nail fungus can be treated by using camphoToward off any such fungal infections add few drops of camphor oil to the bathing water and take bath. It has a cooling effect on the skin.
  • Its inhalation is excellent to treat cough and cold. Add camphor to the boiling water and breathe in the vapour.  As the camphor is breathed in the form of vapour, it form a coating around the inner surfaces of the respiratory organs and help in reducing  the irritation of the throat.
  • Today’s Stressful life and modern gadgets leads to insomnia. In such a situation justa few drops of camphor oil on your pillow can pacify the nervous system, burst stress and induce sleep.  It is even used as an anaesthetic. If you do this you will be relaxed    from anxiety too.

By Niibhanapudi Suguna


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