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Campaigning intensifies for the next phase of polling in UP and for single-phase in Goa and Uttrakhand

Updated: February 12, 2022 11:32 am

In poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, the high-pitch electoral campaign is reaching peak on the penultimate day of electioneering for the Second of the Seven-Phase Assembly Elections along with the Single-Phase polls in Goa and Uttarakhand today.

After completion of the First Phase polling in Uttar Pradesh, all political parties have shifted their focus to the next phases of elections. Political parties have intensified their poll campaign for the UP Third Phase and Single-Phase polling in Punjab.

The Star Campaigners and prominent leaders of various political parties engaged in public rallies after finalisation of the candidates for the four phases in Uttar Pradesh.

The door-to-door canvassing and virtual appeals to the voters also continue. The political activities are picking up in Manipur with the different party leaders deliberating in marathon meetings to finalise their electoral strategies and formations.

Earlier, polling for the first Phase of UP Assembly Elections was held yesterday in 58 Assembly Constituencies spread over 11 districts. Over 60 percent of voter turnout was registered in this phase.

Meanwhile, the scenario of electoral battle in the Fifth Phase of Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh and the First of Two-Phase polling in Manipur will become clear this evening after the withdrawal of candidature. In all, 718 nominations were found valid during the scrutiny in Uttar Pradesh while 175 nominations were found valid in Manipur for this phase.

The filing of nominations for the Sixth of the Seven-Phase Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh as well as the Second and Last Phase polling in Manipur is due to close today. In all, 555 nominations were filed in Uttar Pradesh while 87 nominations were filed in Manipur for this phase till the last evening. The scrutiny will be undertaken on Monday. The last date for withdrawal of candidature will be 16th of February.

The process of filing nominations for the Seventh and Last Phase of Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh began with the issuance of notification yesterday. Three nominations were filed for this phase on the opening day. The nominations can be filed till 17th and the scrutiny will be undertaken on 18th of February. The last date for withdrawal of candidature will be 21st of February.

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