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Campaign For Positive Society

Updated: September 20, 2014 1:49 pm

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny”.

—Mahatma Gandhi

Time to bid good bye to negativism, hate mongering, jealousy, deliberate character assassination, fanatics, greed and, prejudices etc. And time to ward off pessimism. A negative feeling always leads to pessimistic attitude. Pessimism obstructs development process whereas positive thinking brings laurels’ and set the path for progress and prosperity. Development could be achieved by positive thinking and by avoiding conflicts through right resolution. Spiritual leader Dalai Lama once said, “in order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision”. It is true that atmosphere of negativity sometimes rules but it will not sustain.

This idea sets path for a new beginning i.e. India Against Negetivity (IAN), said to be the first of its kind initiative and forum in the entire World. Launched on 31st August, 2014 at Bhubaneswar, the campaign aims at fighting against the negative forces which are out to destabilize the progress and prosperity of India.

While announcing the birth of new national campaign veteran Educ-ationist and Philanthropist Dr. Achyuta Samanta described the campaign as a thought process to dispel the dark cloud created by negativity and dedicated for larger public good.

The founder of KIIT group of Institutions further added, “A country with such varied cultural and rich traditions can never stop progressing because of some negative thoughts propagated by people of vested interest. India could succeed in driving away the mighty British Empire where Sun was said to have not setting. India could free itself from the British yoke because we all reposed our faith in the positive thinking of our great leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel.

The forces of negativity that spread pessimism ultimately were defeated.”

Mr. Samanta who is also the Convenor of the campaign says, “Negative propaganda and malicious protest to turn the image of India or an organization can never be called as constructive work. It is always entangled with social prejudices. It helps in working for a huge negative growth. In the long run, the society and the people become victims of this negativity. Negativity can damage the nation’s image, while the positivity can boost the morale of the country. Therefore people from all walks of life must come together to encourage and support everyone who would counter the negativity through individual courage”.

The idea

According to the approach paper of IAN, the idea is to inspire all to protect the victims of this negativity and protest against the negativism.

Despite all achievements, India seems to be falling apart, because of the evil designs of some people who have been trying to spread negativity in the length and the breadth of the country. Of late, elements of divisive forces have started trying to spread negativity amongst the people. A country cannot survive with negativity all around it. India is beautiful because there is cohesiveness in the society. The issue of corruption, the growth of communal violence and stray incidences that happen here and there sometimes help the spread of negativity. A country of billion populations cannot just remain under the clouds of pessimism which is a byproduct of negativity. The propagation of negativity always tries to project the darker side of a situation, but every dark night is always followed by a bright sunshine. Everything is not lost. So, instead of fanning the negativity, people with impeccable integrity and values must join hands together to fight the forces of divisionism with their positive action, thought and belief.

There is no denying the fact that discrimination against individuals, violence against women are there in every society, all over the world. Everywhere there are legislations’ to deal with these problems, but the legislations sometimes fail to protect the victims. Here negativity of feelings helps aggravate the situation. This leads to cultural tyranny. To protect and help the victims of negativity, a common platform needs to be created to fight against the negativity. It is found that sometimes society remains instrumental in changing behavioral modes which is seen as a bias in favor of male. Despite the arguments like relative powerlessness of women, limited ranges of employability of women, lack of support for weaker sex, it is found that women are far more advanced and given scope they could do a lot better things. All they need is a positive behavior and encouragement from everyone in the society.


To work in multiple social sectors throughout the nation and encourage the plurality of thoughts. To shun all efforts of divisionism to unite people with positive action thoughts and belief. To connect people and actively refute all attempts at disconnecting and disintegrating people. To promote all positive thoughts ideas and cations in human behavior to build up and not to destroy. To propogate and support all acts of creation and emancipation of all victims of negative actions. To lead the young generation in the world for creating positive energy in life and career through all adverse conditions. To prevent social prejudices and superstitions.


The newly floated organization with its headquarters at Bhuabaneswar in Odisha has already set up seven branches in various state Capitals like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Chennai, Bengalure, Ranchi and Patna. It has enrolled more than ten thousand members within the first week of its inauguration. A seven member Advisory Board under the Chairmanship of Former Supreme Court of India Judge Justice A.K. Patnaik has been formed to guide the organization. Other members of the Advisory Board are Justice (Rtd) M.M. Das, Vice-Chairman, Ex. Chief Secretary of Odisha Sudhanshu Mishra, Former DGP B.B. Mishra, Prof. Harehrushna Satpathy, Dr Sruti Mohapatra and Dr Hussain Rabi Gandhi. Along with the Advisory Board a Coordination Committee consisting of Dr Achyut Samant, Dr Bimalendu Mohanty, Pradosh Patnaik, Ashoka Pandey, Dr Shashank Chudamani, Dilip Hali and Dr Itirani Samanta is in the helm of affairs to sphere head the campaign.

Launching Ceremony

There could no better place than Odisha to launch such noble initiative because Odisha has been witnessing all such negativism in all spheres in recent years. A colorful launching ceremony was organized in Bubaneswar on 31st of August to launch IAN in which Governor of Odisha Dr. S. C. Jamir, Chief Minister Shree Naveen Patnaik, Gajapati Maharaja of Puri Dibyasingh Deb, Justice A. K. Patnaik, former Judge, Supreme Court of India, Justice M. M. Das, Former Judge, Orissa High Court, Prasanna Patsani, MP, Loksabha, Ranjib Biswal, MP, Rajya Sabha, Jokin Arputham, renowned social activist spoke on the various facets of creating a positive or a just society where negativism has no place.

More than 2000 people were in attendance to witness the inauguration of the national forum

By Sudarshan Chhotoray

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