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Cambridge University Address: Rahul Gandhi lauded PM Modi

Updated: March 3, 2023 3:57 pm

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of Britain. Rahul Gandhi addressed the students at Cambridge University’s Business School on Wednesday (March 1). During this, Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the Modi government of the country. He accused PM Modi of weakening the democratic institutions and also talked about spying on him in India. However, during this time an occasion also came when the Congress leader also praised the policies of the Modi government at the Centre.

When Rahul was asked about the good policies of the Modi government, he mentioned Ujjwala Yojana and Jan Dhan Yojana. During the programme in Cambridge, Rahul Gandhi was asked about the policies of the Modi government which are in the interest of India?

Rahul Gandhi said, maybe giving gas cylinders to women and opening bank accounts of people are good steps, but in my view, Modi is ruining the structure of India. They are imposing such an idea on India which India cannot accept. India is a union of states. If an idea is imposed, there will be a reaction. There is religious diversity in India. Sikhs, Muslims, Christians are all in India but Modi considers them to be second class citizens. I do not agree with this. When there is disagreement at the basic level, it doesn’t matter which two-three policies you agree with.

Rahul Gandhi was speaking on the topic ‘Learning to Listen in the 21st Century’ at the Business School of Cambridge. During this, he spoke about the need for new thinking to promote democratic values in the world. He also said that it should not be imposed on anyone. We cannot see such a world being created that is not connected with democratic values.

The Congress MP said that in democratic countries like India and America, due to the decline in the manufacturing sector, there has been widespread inequality and resentment. This change needs immediate attention and dialogue.

A part of Rahul Gandhi’s address was about Bharat Jodo Yatra. Talking about Kashmir, Rahul said, Kashmir has been plagued by violence for many years. Security officials warned about security, but when we went ahead, thousands of people came forward carrying the tricolor. A person came close, he pointed towards some boys and said that they are extremists. Those boys stared at me but could not do anything. Rahul Gandhi said that this is the power of listening to people and non-violence.

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