Thursday, August 11th, 2022 22:29:19

Cabinet approves highest ever Fair and Remunerative Price of Rs 290 per quintal for Sugarcane

Updated: August 26, 2021 1:56 pm

The Cabinet yesterday approved the highest ever Fair and Remunerative Price of 290 rupees per quintal  for Sugarcane and Home Minister Amit Shah has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the decision.

He said, Modi Government has taken many important steps from time to time for the prosperity and empowerment of farmers. He said that this decision taken in the direction of the Smooth Farming-Self-reliant Farmer will increase the export of sugar and production of ethanol, which will increase the income of sugarcane growers. Mr Shah said, this will provide unprecedented benefits to five crore sugarcane farmer families of the country and five  lakh workers associated with it.

Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution minister Piyush Goyal said this decision will  benefit  five crore sugarcane farmers and their dependents.

While speaking to the media yesterday in New Delhi, the Minister said the decision will be immensely beneficial to five lakh workers employed in the sugar industry.

The Minister said, the Central Government has taken various measures to provide remunerative price for sugarcane and early payment to sugarcane farmers. He said, several steps have been taken to boost the export of sugarcane. He said the Government is also facilitating the production of ethanol production which is benefiting the farmers.

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