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Building India as a developed nation and the role of nationalist NGOs

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As soon as the prime minister gave a call to build India as a developed nation, all anti India forces came into action. Rise of India is a threat to leading nations of the world. Indian vaccine supply to the world has hurt business interests of the multinational pharmaceutical companies. Gone are the days when virus threat was helping these companies to mint money. Commercial  launching of satellites  by ISRO is another example. manufacturing mobile handsets have saved 3 lakh crores and brands like Apple and Samsung will be making their products in india. A dependent India is good for market interests of developed nations, however rising aspirations of India are not ready to accept dominance of any superpower.

Raghuram Rajan writes against India becoming a manufacturing hub.

The best among protesting voices is that of former governor of reserve bank Sri RaghuramRajan. Sri Rajan has claimed that World cannot afford India to follow China’s manufacturing model. It  is embarrassing to  find fault with such a great scholar yet common sense instigates a common man to do the same.

Let’s examine:

Both Sri RaghuramRajan and former prime ministers got their respective assignments due to their being non-political and non threatening to their political masters. The beauty is that the political party which accuses the present government for supporting Adani, Ambani has sold national public sector gems and led the nation to a situation where no government can stop privatization of government companies .

“Government to speed up PSU stake sale process: Manmohan Singh, PM “ New Delhi  Dec 15 2012.

Sri RaghuramRajan on the other hand implemented many of his good governance policies without providing any breathing time to banks, many banks became financially sick. Blame for the poor balance sheets and defaulters leaving the country was ably fixed on the incumbent  government.

It was done successfully as they have built a well oiled system where Lutiyonmedia,Internationalmedia,advocates, politician, literati worked in unison to defend the undefendable  and accused the benevolent moves. Many such advocates, judges administrators  were rewarded by the political masters.

American universities are the breeding ground for the leading communist thinkers with a restriction to promote their ideas in the third world or in communist countries.

A simple question will expose the hype created by Sri  RaghuramRajan ,what is more costly to the world?

  1. a) India becoming a manufacturing hub
  2. b) NATO fueling the Ukraine war with Russia?

It is a pity that Sri RaghuramRajan has focused on a non issue and lutiyon media has promoted it with full force.

This nexus has created anarchy in the country and many  laws passed by the parliament have been stalled by this  gang. For example, a negligible number  of protesters have taken the country for a ride. JNU,Shaheenbaug, Sindhu border have seen chaos, tukdetukde gang, khalistani have taken the center stage time and again.

The worst part is that the elected representative along with parliament could not protect the citizen from delhi riots or brutal killing of an alleged accused of ‘Be-adabi’

Neither the intervention of the Supreme Court nor the promise to withhold or the powerful ‘law and order’ machinery could stop the menace. A counter movement by the public only can stop this menace.

Blueprint of developing India to a fully developed country.

By successful implementation of swachh Bharat mission, direct transfer of subsidies, toilet for each home ,road to each village and providing electricity to each home, the present government has credentials to take up the above challenge.Growth in infrastructure, the reduced ‘licensing raj, better ease of doing business, participation of northeast have raised hopes.  The ‘Make in India mission’ which was mocked by the media, yet inroads have been made in defense,mobile and auto sectors. Had India not developed competence, Covid vaccination would have taken a big hit, India could create additional capacity of medical grade oxygen, could build ventilators and isolation kits for doctors. Managing raw material for vaccines was a big  challenge. Therefore the country has no option other than aiming for self-reliance in manufacturing as well.

The war of 1965 and 1971 have shown us how suppliers bargain at the time of crisis.

Spares were not given in time and India fought these wars with the grit and courage of forces despite these supplier imposed handicaps. Global warming or not. We can not be restrained from being self-reliant just because China and the developed world is emitting too much carbon dioxide. Over and above India has taken a pledge to reduce the carbon foot prints. It has planned to reduce use of fossil fuel. Solar and other non conventional sources of energy will get a boost when Indigenous manufacturing of high grade  batteries will lead the way.

PanchPran (five pledges).

Whether it is the case of giving up subsidies on domestic gas or imposing complete lock down, the prime minister  has been able to convince the public. His ‘Man Ki Baat’ might be mocked by skeptical  people yet it has built communication channels which are free from media influence. Same is true for my gov web site which has Grown to be a citizen-centric platform that empowers people to connect with the Government to contribute towards good governance.Equipped with these milestones

The government is fully geared to realize the coveted dream. The action plan has divided it into five pledges namely

= A developed India

= Freedom from the idea of servility

= Pride in heritage

= Unity and solidarity

= Fulfilling one’s duty

Detailed action plan under each head is well conceived, implementation however will need massive public engagement. The last four pledges need all out support of nationalist non government organizations. It is unfortunate that these organizations are following the governments,and have failed in creating public opinion on issues of importance. This deprives the government of a counter view on its policies.This has resulted in appeasement of fearmongers.


Destructive forces have their own agenda. Recently banned Popular Front of India ( PFI) had allegedly released “The eight-page document titled ‘India 2047- Towards rule of Islam in India”  (ANI 14 July, 2022 02:16). This includes training for using weapons, instigating communal violence. Being a democratic country our system takes time in finding evidence and banning the outfit. The gorilla tactics used by these anti India forces, provide them enough time and resources to create unrest and stop the wheel of progress. These organizations have enough funds and have support from ISI and other foreign agencies. These outfits hire best advocates who can influence the outcome. Even if they fail, they are able to slow down the process.

Banning SIMI ( Students’ Islamic Movement of India) and PFI has taken ages but creating their substitute takes no time. This is the area where nationalist NGO can play a big role in preparing good citizens to equip themselves with knowledge skills and legal knowledge on how to counter these miscreants at grass root level. Incompetence at this level has led to killing of many nationalist workers by the anti national forces. ‘Sar tan se juda’ marches and brutal murders have demoralised the masses.

Difference between the punishment to the criminals of two riots I.e 1984 Sikh riots and 1990 Kashmiri pandits’ exodus is simply due to consistent follow up by  Sikh organizations while nobody bothered to take up the cause of the later. This apathy is to be plugged by nationalist NGOs at the earliest.

Action plan for nationalist NGO.



A thing may be dreaded as long as it has not overtaken you, but once it

has come upon you, try to get rid of it without hesitation.

Above message of Chankya should guide the nationalist NGOs at this challenging time. Luckily Indian culture has built bridges to communicate with masses.

Temples and yatra are the great resources available to promote the  five pledges, government control over temples eliminates any such possibility. You can not expect a civil servant working as  chief administrative officer to  play this role of motivating Hindus to learn self defense and raise alarm against any anti national activity. First and foremost is freeing temples from government control by bringing some legalization to establish good governance in the management of temples.

The second agenda is to educate people to fight for their valid rights ,for example when a few thousands of miscreants blocked the roads, no public protest was  seen. It allowed the administration and the judiciary to take this protest lightly. Same was the fate of farmers blocking roads at Singhu border, as a result miscreants do not see any social boycott and media also take positive coverage on these issues. In Kashmir we have seen that the more the ‘hype’ of the anti  India movement was created,more and more  funds were released by the center  to appease the Protestant. Even the  stone pelting of armed forces was taken lightly by restraining armed forces from using the strong hand of law.

Ray of hope.

Recent boycott of Bollywood movies  which indulge in Hindu bashing has given a clue how to handle anti national elements. To make it systematic and consistent NGO can play a great role. All the temples, yantras, prikramas ,melas can be used to revive self respect among  good citizens by  promoting these five pledges  (panchpran ).  Ganesh puja in Maharashtra is the best example which tells us how  LokmanyaTilak transformed Ganesh Chaturthi from a private celebration to a grand festival where people from all sections of the society could come together, and be united by praying together.

Freedom from the idea of servility’ can raise the public morale to counter any jihadi aspirations but it needs all out promotion by the nationalist NGOs.

Political parties value  being in power and can compromise the national interest in the short run. Strong educated and inspired public opinion can only  keep a check on this greed.


India has to take a leaf from its national freedom struggle where all energies were channelised to a common goal. Satyagrah in India, Free India Society in the west and Azad hind fauz in the east were working in harmony despite following different ideologies and operating from different places. Similarly social reformers, literati and  politicians were working together to support the national freedom movement.

India has just concluded AzadikaAmritmahotsav. It is high time Indian NGOs learn their lesson in time.I will conclude this with a couplets

“ mausam me gar phoolonkoapnahoshnahin

Barbadi me Chamankimalikapura dosh nahin “

If in good times flowers are not in their senses they can not blame the Gardner for destruction of the garden.


By Rakesh Kumar

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