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Building Glorious India

Updated: January 22, 2011 2:08 pm

One has responsibility towards oneself first, then towards family, and lastly towards one’s own nation. This is the true state of occurrence applicable to overall Indians (except a few ones), who are busy running for name, fame and money and beyond that they have time to think for nation. The BIG movement, i.e. “Build India Group” movement for the nation, aims at inculcating a sense of being Indian in Indians. It seeks to make the countrymen to take the pledge for safeguarding the nation from all anti-national activities.

                Clearing out the thoughts for Build India Group on how it works, the President of Build India Group, Mr Biraja Mohapatra explained, “Build India Group is basically a civil society. It has two major areas for works. First related to pledge method—a method of mass communication with three distinct messages—love your nation, hate corruption, and defeat terrorism. According to me, it’s a scientifically-developed formula. The other one is considering politics to be a subject of management and introducing the same in different management institutions. The basic philosophy behind it is that hating politics is a crime against democracy.”

                On questioning the value, need and meaning of national pledge, Mr Mohapatra elaborated, “National pledge is basically a pledge taken by citizens of country to demonstrate his/her love and loyalty to his/her nation. A national pledge can be the best possible tool to unite people emotionally and remind them of their duty to the country.” And on the second work for politics he added, mainly advising the youth of the India, “Indians should join politics for the better management of the state in accordance with the spirit of fundamental duties as enshrined in the Constitution of India.”

                Build India Group was started by journalist-turned-lawyer Birja Mohaptra with a group of eight persons in September 1996. Also he has written a book, My Call, which has illustrated the vision of Build India Group and how to realise it. “We have crafted some method ourselves. In India, we don’t have any citizen’s pledge and we have created a national pledge in fifteen languages. Now, people take the pledge in their own mother tongue in unison at pledge festivals,” he informed.

                There are many pledge festivals organised by the team in unity at various places including schools, universities and among many communities. As India have different kind of festivals Mr Mohapatra defined the purpose of national unity in a very unique way, “Celebration of commitment is Raksha Bandhan; celebration of punishment in which demon got punished is Dussehra, so why cannot there be a celebration of nationalism in our country?” He added further, “Now that is our target, we just think that all these religious festivals can be a medium to reach out to people for the purpose of nation building, promoting a sense of belongingness as a mode of communication.”


We the people of India

Do solemnly pledge ourselves

To the service of our nation

With honesty, sincerity, and commitment;

Always keeping our nation’s

Interests paramount

In all that we think do or say,

For the greater glory of this country.

By Sonia Chawla

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