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BSY Completes 1000 Days To Prove A Point To His Detractors Show Of Strength

Updated: March 19, 2011 2:55 pm

South India’s first BJP government led by Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has completed 1000 days in office. The celebration recently in Bengaluru marked a political significance to prove a point beyond all controversies the Chief Minister is facing from within and outside. The mega rally organised by BJP for the grassroots workers was no doubt a show of strength by the embattled Chief Minister. Looking at political map, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, who built the BJP in Karnataka, has also consolidated Lingayats, a dominant community, to take on powerful Vokkaligas, another dominant community of HD Deve Gowda and HD Kumaraswamy. It is significant that Yeddyurappa , a Lingayat himself, has polarised his community towards BJP and that gave him a chance to prove he is the undisputed leader of the party. At any cost, BJP can’t lose the Lingayat vote base, which has in fact divested both the Congress and the JD(S) in Karnataka. The politics even though reached all-time low with the ruling government bogged down with many scams and nepotism charges, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa survived skillfully facing revolts within and outside the party. The BJP leadership, which has taken the corruption issue to fight the UPA government led by Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, has in the beginning wanted to change Yeddyurappa in Karnataka but looking at the realities, it has to bend down to continue him and Party President, Nitin Gadkari, who inaugurated the mega party workers convention, announced that Chief Minister Yeddyurappa would continue and complete his full term.

                Gadkari said: “Today, he (Yeddyurappa) has completed 1,000 days as Chief Minister. He will complete his full term of five years and the BJP central leadership will stand by him and the party state unit.” This declaration of assurance by the Party chief, Nitin Gadkari, while addressing a convention of the party’s booth-level workers and elected representatives organised at the Bangalore Palace Grounds to mark the 1,000th day of the BJP government recently, is a significant political development as far as Chief Minister Yeddyurappa is concerned.

                An insider in the BJP told Uday India that the rally played an important role in the political life of Yeddyurappa who showed his strength to the baiters in BJP as well as opposition parties who are baying for his blood as a survivor. This is not the first time he has shown his ability to survive but he has survived a rebellion by the powerful Reddy brothers as soon as he took over, the source added.

                Yeddyurappa, who learnt his political moves the hard way, has built the BJP in Karnataka. He shared power with the JD(S) and survived. The sympathy factor brought BJP as a minority government. The rebellion within, withdrawal of support by six Independents and 11 BJP MLAs, the disqualification of MLAs, court cases, the pin pricks by Governor HR Bhardwaj who has in a historic decision given his nod to prosecute the Chief Minister based on a petition by two city-based advocates are all parts of history now and Chief Minister Yeddyurappa survived all these in a very blunt way. The Opposition Congress and JD(S) who have declared a war on the Chief Minister on his alleged corruption and nepotism in land denotification and allotment of prime Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) land in G category to his kith and kin, has in a way become the word of the past and Yeddyurappa survived all and declared himself that he would continue as the Chief Minister for the full term.

                Through this rally of BJP grassroots workers, Yeddyurappa answered not only rebels in the party but also the party leadership in Delhi. The Opposition was taken aback and is still recovering from his Operation Lotus, which has minimised both the Congress and the JD(S). Yeddyurappa won almost all the elections including the local body to send the message loud and clear that he is the undisputed leader of the BJP in the state. Yeddyurappa, through his Operation Lotus, snatched many leaders from the Congress and the JD(S) and expanded BJP across the state.

                Speaking at the rally Yeddyurappa spiked the rumours of mid-term polls and asserted, “We will complete the full five-year term, and ensure that the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) remain in the Opposition for the next 20 years.” Yeddyurappa used the occasion to exhort party cadres to take a pledge to ensure that the Congress and the JD(S) do not “raise their heads” again in the state.

                He termed the large attendance at the rally as an indication of the strength of the party state unit and asked them to help take welfare measures of the government to the doorsteps of the real beneficiaries without interference by middlemen.

                The Karnataka High Court verdict upholding the decision of the Speaker of Karnataka Assembly, KG Bopaiah to disqualify six Independents recently, has given him even a number advantage in a democracy to prove his majority. The truncated Assembly with 17 MLAs who have been disqualified in the 224-member assembly has been reduced now to just 207 and the 11 disqualified BJP rebels have approached the Supreme Court, which is expected to pronounce its judgment soon. The BJP has 107 members and the support of an Independent along with the Speaker followed by Congress 71 and JD(S) 27. Yeddyurappa even though leading a minority government has been comfortable as far as the number game is concerned.

                A BJP insider told Uday India that Yeddyurappa was upset with the Central leadership nominating dream girl, Hema Malini as a candidate for Rajya Sabha from Karnataka. He was, in fact, supporting the candidature of BJP senior leader from Karnataka and a special representative of the Government of Karnataka in Delhi, Dhananjaya Kumar. But the Chief Minister denied all these and said he would go by the party leadership in nominating Hema Malini. With number games favouring the BJP, Hema Malini is sure to get elected to Rajya Sabha from Karnataka in the by-elections.

                The Opposition Congress, which has been holding Nada Rakashana rallies (to protect the state from BJP), has been gunning for Yeddyurappa and somehow wants to root out this government. The Opposition—JD(S) and the Congress—lacks unity and can’t take on Yeddyurappa in the present political fluidity, which has been capitalised by the Chief Minister to prove a point beyond all allegations.

                Talking to Uday India, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Siddaramiah came down heavily on and demanded the dismissal of Yeddyurappa government. He said, “How can he continue in office? He has been involved in corruption which the state has never seen so far. The BJP high command is supporting his crimes. What an irony! We will fight until he resigns.”

                The JD(S), which has been spearheading a war on Yeddyurappa wants him to go. The JD(S) chief and Member of Parliament HD Kumaraswamy feels the Congress lacks the courage to dismiss the corrupt government of Yeddyurappa. He said, “There are many cases pending against him in the courts and also with the Lokayukta. He should go. We will fight until he resigns.”

                Whatever it is, Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa survived and continues to survive all onslaughts. The recent BJP rally, which was held in Bengaluru was a show of strength and Yeddyurappa did it once again to prove a point to his detractors inside and outside the party.

By MAYA JAIDEEP from Bengaluru

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