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Brown Rice

Updated: October 5, 2013 4:44 pm

In many studies, eating whole grains has been linked to protection against many diseases like diabetes, obesity, ischemic stroke, insulin resistance etc. Brown rice is one food grain that contains many such nutrients, beneficial to our body.

The bran that is the outer layer of the cereal is not polished thoroughly. It is natural and unrefined. The white rice that we usually consume loses all the natural nutrients such as germ and bran during the stripping process. So opting for brown rice ensures many nutritional benefits.

Anti-Oxidants: We usually associate anti-oxidants with blue berries and green tea but you might find it surprising to note that brown rice is a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Breast cancer: Brown rice acts as an excellent source of protection against breast cancer. The growth of cancerous cells will be inhibited by the presence of phytonutrient lignin, present in brown rice. So one should include brown rice in one’s diet, at least twice a week to reap its benefits.

Diabetes: There is a large amount of fiber present in brown rice. It means that the brown rice takes more time to digest than the white rice. This ensures that the sugar is released at a slower and lower rate into the blood. Brown rice also has a lower glychemic index than most grains that leads to stable blood glucose levels in the body.

Cardiac health: Brown rice offers protection against cardiovascular diseases due to its high fiber content. The extra layer of tissue around brown rice helps control the rise in blood pressure.

Colon cancer: Consumption of brown rice is beneficial in reducing the risk of colon cancer owing to the high content of phenols present in it. They promote digestion and help maintain a healthy colon.

Cholesterol: The presence of LDL cholesterol is lowered in the blood due to the presence of soluble fibers in brown rice. The healthy oil present in brown rice also maintains blood pressure levels. Brown rice also helps increase HDL cholesterol.

Weight loss: Brown rice is an excellent way of maintaining body weight and keeping excess weight off. It is rich in dietary fiber which keeps you feeling full longer and helps in decreasing the excess intake of food. It also has lower glycemic index when compared to white rice, which is helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Naturally occurring oils: Brown rice holds naturally occurring oils that help the body reduce LDL forms of cholesterol.

Brown rice is whole grain: Unlike white rice, brown rice its wholeness. Studies show that six servings of whole rice on a weekly basis lower the arterial plaque build up and helps reduce the chances of developing heart diseases and high cholesterol.

Relief from constipation: Brown rice supplies 14 per cent of the recommended daily value of fiber. Brown rice is particularly high in insoluble fiber that helps relieve constipation and keep your bowels moving.

Asthma in children: Children who eat brown rice along with fish can lower their risk of developing asthma. Studies show that fruits, vegetables and dairy products don’t have much of an effect in reducing asthma but whole grains and fish do.

Bone health: Brown rice is a good source of magnesium an essential mineral to bone health. Most of the magnesium in the body is stored in the bones. So eat brown rice at least twice a week to maintain the
optimum level of magnesium in your bones.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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