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Brahma Kamal

Updated: August 24, 2018 1:24 pm

Brahma Kamal is beautiful flower which blooms at night and has a strong fragrance. It is also called as night queen and blooms only once in a year.  It is very much revered flower   in India and has mythological significance. As the name suggests Lord Brahma is seen sitting on this flower as well as holding it in his hand.

This flower has some amazing medicinal benefits. Brahma Kamal is one of the natural remedies to treat urinary tract infections and has the ability to prevent recurring. This flower is cooling, sedative, astringent, diuretic and bitter to taste.

The decoction of the flower is given in cholera, fever, liver disease and for heart condition.  Lotus flowers are considered tonic for the heart, liver and skin.  The extract of these flowers have shown to possess anti-microbial, anti- hypertensive and anti- oxidant properties. Brahma Kamal is one of the best and effective medicines for treating fever.  The extract of the whole plant is taken by crushing it and given about five table spoons twice a day. Gives relief from fever.

The bitter nature of the flower helps in treating all liver infections. A soup prepared with this flower is an excellent tonic for the liver. Sexually transmitted diseases that are more prevalent in modern timescan be successfully treated with this flower.


  • As the flower is bitter in taste, its soup contains high nutritional value

and can be an excellent appetizer.

  • The extract of the roots of this plant have anti septic properties and

are used to apply on  cuts and bruises that gives a cooling and healing affect.

  • They are affective in removal of toxic waste from the body and also helpful

in reducing the heat from the body.

  • The seeds of this plant are given for vomiting, chronic diarrhea, high

blood pressure, fever and as an antidote to poison.

  • There are various minerals present in the seeds like potassium, calcium, zinc

and iron etc.   These seeds are nutritive and are good as they provide energy to

the body. They are eaten raw or roasted.  They are high in protein and

encourage hormonal function.  The seed is powdered and mixed with honey

and given to cure cough.

  • The roots, leaves and flowers together form an excellent cure for bone

ache and prevalent among elders. They are effective in treating intestinal

ailments too.

  • The roots of this plant are very nutritious and are eaten cooked.

They contain diuretic, anti diabetic, anti -obesity and anti -oxidant properties.

  • They are used in piles and dysentery. They are edible, have mild flavour and

are rich in highly digestible starch, mineral, vitamins and dietary fibre.

  • They are applied externally for skin eruptions, scabies and ringworm.
  • So keeping in mind the above benefits if you come across the root or seeds

try making good use of them.


By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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