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Updated: July 17, 2015 8:20 am

Research in neuroscience, psychology and design has shown that doodling can boost concentration, help one stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information. According to experts, it affects the way we process information and solve problems. So, the next time you feel like doodling, don’t feel guilty or try suppressing the urge. Use these apps and unleash your creativity!


Art of Glow

If glowing-animated artworks are ‘your thing’, then you’ll find this app simply delightful. It comes in many shapes such as star, point, circle, snowflake, heart and so on. You can also check out the welcome demo to get ideas and find out how the app functions. It allows users to select a colour or the random function to get different colours with each stroke. It’s best to explore the app for yourself and think of the different ways in which you can tinker with the functions.


Glow Draw

If you’re an amateur painter who just wants to play around with colours, this app is what you need. It allows users to select a background colour or load a picture from the gallery. You can select the colour of the brush from the palette and change the brush size and type if needed. The eraser function lets you remove a wrong brush stroke and the undo and redo functions can help you fix your drawing if there is a mistake. After completing your masterpiece, you can save and share it with your friends.

Sketch Guru—Handy Sketch Pad

Let your imagination flourish with this app. Whether you want to draw a dragon, a bunch of butterflies or a landscape, an array of brushes such as fur, ribbon, web, bunch, shadow and so on this app provides you with the perfect tools to give shape to your thoughts. The app has an auto-save function that prevents loss of your artwork. It also has pick colour and undo-redo functions for your convenience. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out. The coolest feature, however, is the movie mode which plays back your sketch from the start till the end like a small film.

By Sanjay K Bissoyi

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