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Bold and Melodious

Updated: May 1, 2010 1:13 pm

He is confident, straight-forward, and is called the voice of Shahrukh Khan. He is Abhijeet Bhattachrya (popularly known as Abhijeet Da). When one just starts one’s journey in Bollywood from the scratch to stardom, one has to face insurmountable hurdles. And Ahijeet is no exception.

            Reminiscing his phase of struggle in Bollywood, Abhijeet says: “I was introduced to RD Burman for Dev Anand’s son’s debut film. It took me full two years to make RD Burman listen to my voice. And after listening to my voice Kishore Da hugged me and said ‘tum bahut sur mein gaate ho’. Working with RD Burman had been the golden period of my life. I feel I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the music industry by RD Burman. Entering RD Burman’s studio for the first time is the memorable moment of my life and I still cherish this moment. For me RD Burman and Kishore Da are my role model”.

            Talking about the present genre of singers he said: I admire people only on the basis of their work. But I feel dismayed when less talented people get chance and the deserved ones are left behind. And that is the reason why nowadays quality songs are not composed.

            Down-to-earth Abhijeet knows his strength, which inspires him and boosts his energy to get up and go. “I know myself, my talent, my standard of singing and what a singer I am and that’s my strength. One cannot get popularity by merely resorting to cheap gimmicks and tantrums. One can be recognised only by his work and that is my criterion of judging the people.” And the singer who was introduced by RD Burman doesn’t believe in popularising himself through unfair means, but through his melodious talent. “I am successful not just as a singer but also as a businessman.”

            “As my first salary I got a bundle of one rupee notes which together made hundred rupees. But it is worth mentioning here that the bundle contained only two rupees (laughs)—the first one and the last one being the real currency notes and blank paper notes in the middle”.

            While talking about role of media in today’s scenario, the singer said: “The role of media is very important in the present day world. But a section of media is double faced, which, instead of helping people, is misguiding them. The role of media alienates them from the society. And when it comes to celebrities’ life, media gets after their life and blow it out of the proportion”.

            The multi-talented singer loves to do interior designing during his spare time and believes in live and let live others. Abhijeet also believes in doing charity time to time and is planning to launch a singing workshop in the coming days. He informs: “All hardworking and talented people will have a place in my workshop. Selection of the students will be fully based on the merit. My mentors and I will train the singers”.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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