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Body organ donation, a noble act in service of humanity

Updated: May 18, 2018 2:10 pm

Body-organ donation may have become known to the world in the sixteenth century but for India it is not something new or strange. As per the legend, body organ donation took place in India much, much long back. Rishi Dadhichi is the pioneer of this great, noble feat. The great sage donated his body organs to defeat asur Vritra who had driven out Indra, the king of the Devlok. As per the vardaan (blessings) the asur had earned through a great, tenuous tapasya he could not be defeated by traditional weapons. Lord Indra sought the help of Lord Vishnu who advised him to seek the blessings of Rishi Dadhichi for organ donation because traditional arms and weapons against the asur had proved of no consequence. Lord Vishnu told Indra that it was only arms and weapons made of Dadhichi’s bones and other parts that could kill the asur. Rishi Dadhichi instantly agreed. He willingly released his life by force from his body. Devas fashioned the Vajrayudha (thunderbolt) from Rishi’s spine and made numerous other weapons which were then used to kill the asura making way for Lord Indra to regain devaloka.

Arun Anand in his new book “Body-Organ Donation — Towards a Healthy Society” digs deep into the history of body-organ donations which came to the modern world much later. He cites the turning point case of South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard who replaced the diseased heart of dentist Louis Washkansky with that of a  young accident victim. Drugs prevented rejection but the patient died of pneumonia 18 days later. Then he cites the case of Spanish doctors in 2010 conducting the world’s first full face transplant on a man injured in a shooting accident.

Body organ donation

By: Arun Anand



Price: `300/-

Despite India being the trailblazer in body-organ donations, according to a research report quoted by the writer, she stands much below other countries, like USA, Spain and Croatia.

The book explains the scientific, legal, ethical and financial aspects of the transplantation of organs from Indian and global perspectives.

The book is a complete guide to help a person understand the intricacies of the body and organ donation. It resolves many of wrong notions. The book

smashes the myth that because of

organ donation the dead human body gets dismembered. On the contrary, it is stitched into one piece after extracting the organs and does not, in any way, hinder the cremation or burial or performance of last rites as per family and religious traditions.

The writer delves at length the laws governing body organ donations in India and the world over. He explains as to who, how, where and when can the organs be donated.

No donation is more pious than body and body organ donations. It makes deprived persons lead a normal life. The book is likely to spread awareness of organ donation among the masses to serve humanity in a nobler form.


By Amba Charan Vashishth






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