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Bloodied Ambience in Bengal

Updated: March 3, 2021 2:05 pm

Political mercury is on the rise with the formal announcement of elections in West Bengal and three other states and a Union Territory. If seen, elections are the soul of any democracy. And fair elections strengthen the foundation of democracy. But during these elections, when violent incidents arise, in which the lives of the people happen to be at stake, then the question is not only on law and order but democracy is also injured. By the way, the history of violence during elections in West Bengal is very old. The figures of the National Crime Records Bureau also substantiate this factually. Against this backdrop, it cannot be gainsaid that under Mamata Banerjee’s Chief Ministership, thousands of political murders have been committed. Her regime is worse than the three decades of Communist misrule. Literally, Didi has taken all the steps to destroy humanity, culture, Ma Mati and Manush in the state. When she took the reins of Chief Ministership, Bengal was facing unemployment, lower GDP and per capita income. But in the last one decade of her regime, Didi has failed miserably in creating a conducive atmosphere for industrialisation, agricultural growth and infrastructure for rural development in the state. Gone are her popular slogans, her smiles and the strength to counter anti-party activities. What is more, even senior BJP leaders like JP Nadda and Dilip Ghosh have been attacked in West Bengal. Here it is apt to mention that the BJP could make inroads in Didi’s bastion allegedly because of rampant corruption, oppression by party cadres in rural areas and her open bias for the minority community. Having said this, it is noteworthy that now Ms Banerjee’s one-point agenda is to occupy the Chief Minister’s chair in West Bengal. Political India knows Ms Banerjee to be a law unto herself, and her politics to be irresponsible. But this cannot be a rationalisation for her government to publicly support, and collaborate on the ground with, armed extremism that does not have any compunction in unleashing terror against political opponents as well as civilians.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has solid grounds for accusations of terror in West Bengal. By the way, all its leaders keep accusing TMC cadres of killing their workers and attacking them in meetings in West Bengal. West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has openly blamed the TMC for the politicisation of the state’s administrative machinery and the violence that has taken place in the state. Political intimidation has erupted between the BJP and the TMC. For both Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee, this election is an election of political prestige. The country’s politics is now going through a period when the common man of the country is realising that violence and scandal have become electoral weapons and he does not have the ability to fight any of them. Because unless the clouds of violence and scams are veiled by impartial investigation within the stipulated time frame, they will only come forward with thunder in response to the violence during elections, be it Bengal or any other state. Be that as it may, the most violent elections in four states and one UT are going to be held in West Bengal. In these elections, the level of political accusation and counterbalance and language is going down drastically. The two teams are directly competing with each other. For both, power is more important than theory. But more important for West Bengal is to have a competent and effective leadership to eradicate chaos and instability. Whoever comes, needs more loyalty than privacy in their policy and decision.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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