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Blinkered Congress Exposed

Updated: January 23, 2020 12:21 pm

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been enacted for more than a month, but protest against it by the Opposition continues unabated. Rather, with the passage of time, this opposition has crossed the boundaries of opposition and in desperation and despair they have resorted to an ugly turn. The protest of Shaheen Bagh is an example of this. No surprise, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is on target of BJP leaders these days. Regarding the way Rahul Gandhi is opposing the CAA, BJP leaders have directly targeted him. Following the orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP leaders across the country have started convincing people in support of CAA in their respective areas. Especially among the Muslim sections of the country, BJP leaders are explaining to them that CAA is not against Indian Muslims in any way. The manner in which Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra supported the Tukde-Tukde gang of JNU has proved what the intent of the Congress is. Now the Congress is trying to trick the Muslims of the country in frustration and despair, while the educated Muslim section stands with the government knowing the truth of this law. Encouraged by the support of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, this Tukde Tukde gang is not only not looking for any truce, it is now going to other universities, talking about freedom of Kashmir. Against this backdrop, it is apt to mention that the other day, a Mumbai University professor was allegedly sent on compulsory leave for criticising Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s recent remark on freedom fighter and Hindu icon Veer Savarkar. According to reports, the action against Yogesh Soman, who serves as the Director of Academy of Theatre Arts in Mumbai University, was taken over his Facebook post in which he had criticised the Congress leader for making ”objectionable” remarks on Savarkar. It has been learnt that Congress and Left wing students have threatened Yogesh Soman. Isn’t this an act of intolerance? For, it is noteworthy that in Maharashtra there is government supported by Congress. Hence, in this perspective, it cannot be gainsaid that Yogesh Soman’s right of expressions has been muzzled.

As I see it, opposition is more to BJP than to the CAA. After all, the CAA can be repealed by the non-BJP government in future, if it is really found to be discriminatory, which I think it is not. The fact that Mamta Banerjee decided not to join hands with the Congress and some other Opposition parties on subject of CAA speaks a lot about anti-CAA scenario. The Congress has lost ground because of its own follies and it is looking for opportunities to defeat BJP. It has joined hands with its adversary–Shiv Sena–to deny power to BJP. My point is that there is nothing ideological about opposition to the CAA: it is politically convenient to oppose the legislation right now. I agree that political decisions have an impact on national affairs. However, citizens cannot resort to violence and burn public properties. It is possible that police have taken stern action against some innocent agitators, but we cannot unilaterally condemn police and support anti-CAA violent agitation. The CAA is about giving citizenship and not about taking it away. Secularism cannot be measured on the basis of a single community, as those opposed to the CAA are trying to do. The liberals and the leftists of this country are reducing our secularism to a farce by talking of Muslims and Muslims alone. They have no qualms about dividing the Hindu community as part of their sham secularism. Actually, the Opposition is helpless today because things are slipping from its hands. The speed and ease with which the current government is addressing the long-standing issues of this country, which also invited controversies, the Opposition, especially the Congress, is finding itself pointless. Apart from this, due to the diplomacy of the present government, the politics of the Congress in the Parliament is also not going on, due to which it is finding itself non-existent. And perhaps because of this reason, it has brought its politics on the streets.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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