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BJP’s PM candidate

Updated: January 22, 2011 1:36 pm

Who will be the next PM in waiting in BJP? In an interview, while the BJP president Nitin Gadkari enumerated a number of names for the post, he did not mention the names of Anant Kumar and Venkaiah Naidu. It is said that Anant Kumar has lost the confidence of Gadkari as well as RSS and therefore his name was not figured in the list of Gadkari. Sources said that after the Karnataka dispute, he was instructed by Gadkari to keep his hands off from the state issue. It is also interesting to know that senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi and Rajnath Singh were also counted as PM-in-waiting.

Tough start of New Year

First January of this year signalled some tough days ahead for Congress in Bihar. Congress workers of Bihar are still very angry. They had protested against Mukul Vasnik and some state leaders during the plenary session too. On January 1, 2011, some Congress workers came from Bihar to the party headquarters—24, Akbar Road. But there was no leader present at the HQ. One worker commented that they had come there to wish their leaders a happy new year, but no one had time for them. “They all are busy in picnics only,” added the furious worker. Another worker expressed his disappointment, saying that senior leaders have zero knowledge of ground realities.

‘Right’ right-wallahs?

Protest against the conviction of Binayak Sen is crossing all limits. His wife recently addressed a press conference at New Delhi. His lawyer Prashant Bhushan also spoke to press and accused the Judge of being the fascist mindset and he must be removed. Both emphasised that Binayak Sen has no connection with anti-national forces. The infamous dispute-loving writer Arundhati Roy was also present at the conference but she was sitting among the journalists, not on the dais. Prashant Bhushan quoted her name as a great human right activist and also linked the action of Indian Judiciary system against her with Binayak Sen. However, he refused to reply the question of her remarks regarding Kashmir.


The genie of Bofors is once again out of the bottle. It has come at the time when UPA is already in a big trouble. It is interesting to note that raising the Bofors issue has always been in question. It may be remembered that when PR Dasmunshi was Parliament Affairs Minister in UPA-1, the issue of Bofors was raised. That time too the UPA government was under fierce attack from the Opposition on the issues of corruption and tainted ministers. At that time, Dasmunshi had commented that when audience get bored while watching a Hindi movie, suddenly an item song appears and they forget about everything and again start to enjoy the movie. Bofors is also like the item song of Indian politics, he had commented.

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