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BJP’s Gujarat 2022 Manifesto a Precursor to its 2024 National Manifesto

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: November 25, 2022 8:52 am

Legislative Assembly election is scheduled to be held in Gujarat from 1 to 5 December 2022 in two phases, to elect 182 members of 15th Gujarat Legislative Assembly. The votes will be counted and the results will be declared on 8 December 2022.

Gujarat is facing the issues which other states and nations across the globe are facing i.e., inflation and the ripple effect of it. Gujaratis are enterprising people and from a decade an effort is being made to deskill them from their entrepreneurship ability. Some sections of Gujarat have succumbed to it, sadly they have succumbed as a community and gone to reservation as a savior which has been proven as a policy disaster for upliftment of the comunity. The other aspect of reservation is surviving on government jobs i.e., aspiring to be corrupt, demand dowry and do no work. A sure shot way to doomsday and as an example one can look at the state of Bihar. To great extent UP is in the process of coming out of the caste whirlpool while a section in Gujarat is pushing to get in the caste whirlpool. From my interaction with friends in Guajarat and during my visit to Gujarat what I have seen and understood is the fact that the Gujarati’s will prevent the state of Gujarat to become another Bihar. (Will all due respect to the state of Bihar. It has a huge amount of talent but the talent wants to remain in the caste whirlpool)

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is ruling the state since 1998, and will continue to do so post-December 2022 elections. Hence the focus of this article is to go beyond the discourse of winning and losing election. Traditionally in Bharat development was measured in the framework of Trivarga. Manusmriti beautifully describes how Dharm, Artha and Kaam are connected. It states: “To achieve welfare and happiness some declare Dharma and Artha are good. Others declare that Artha and Kama are better. Still others declare that Dharma is the best. There are also persons who declare Artha alone secures happiness. But the correct view is that the aggregate of Dharma, Artha and Kama (Trivarga) secures welfare and happiness. However, the desire (Kama) and material wealth (Artha) must be rejected if contrary to Dharma.”

So far, the development in Gujarat has not been measured on the framework of the Trivarga. The current measurement of development is based on the capitalist parameters like GDP, ranking on different issues, etc.

The BJP is talking of Uniform Civil Code Bill (UCC). This is something which BJP is talking in every state before elections. The question is if one assumes that BJP will be able to bring the bill, will it be able to implement it. We have seen BJP fail when it came to implementing CAA and NRC. BJP has not been able to implement simple court rulings like removal of loudspeakers from mosques. It will be naïve to believe that BJP will be able to implement UCC. Further it is amusing to think that the courts in India will allow the implementation of UCC. Especially when there are many instances of courts giving judgment almost based on Sharia. On top of this, BJP leaders have been found opposing Hindu rituals and practices, and festivals like Dipawali etc.

BJP has done enough development in Gujarat from last 25 years now it is the time to measure it in the framework of Trivarga. The BJP manifesto of Gujarat should clearly state its Dharmic goals. Which should be as follows:

  1. Renaming Ahmedabad as Karnavati. If names of Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, Bangalore, Allahabad, Mugalsarai etc. can be changed what is stopping BJP to change the name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati?. This should be followed by other places named after Islamic invaders in Gujarat.
  2. Reclaiming and renovating the mandirs which were razed and converted into mosques by the invaders. This should be the logical next step after renaming. It should start with reclaiming Bhadrakalimandir. Jama Masjid was built by Ahmed Shah I on Bhadrakalimandir in 1424 in Ahmedabad. The mandir was constructed by Rajput Parmar kings of Malwa. The pillars and carvings of flowers, elephants and serpents and dancers in the mosque represent the typical Hindu mandir style. Ahmedabad was named after Ahmed Shah I who captured Karnavati in 1411. Different sources put the number of such mandirs to be close to thousand, only in Gujarat.
  3. Releasing Mandirs from the government control. It is surprising that the only details about government control of mandirs in Gujarat on internet that author could find is a 2012 report from Indian Express. The report is scary. It says: The state government took over the control of nearly 28 temples last year of which 23 are in Bhavnagar district alone. It now controls over 244 major temples including the revenue-earning ones like Somnath, Dwarka and Ambaji, according to a reply by Tourism Minister Jay Narayan Vyas to a question by Congress MLA Kiran Makwana in the Monsoon Session of the state Assembly. (Govt in overdrive to take over temples by Kapil Dave, 22 September 2022, BJP should release the mandirs from the clutches of government control asap. It is too late but better late than never.
  4. Start treating Hindus at par with Muslims and start giving same benefits to Hindus which are being given to Muslims in terms of child production to free education, free wedding to non-returnable bank loans etc. The institutionalised discrimination of the Hindus by the state needs to be stopped and which better state than Gujarat to start with where BJP has been in power for 25 years.
  5. Change the text books and introduce more dharmic, nationalist and fact-based historical content. Basically, a Bhartiya approach to education in terms of books. The first thing that opposition parties do after coming to power is change the text book. BJP is yet to learn this from opposition.

As a die-hard BJP supporter, it will not be fair to burden it with lot of expectations. But above five demands are overdue and are not discriminatory in nature to any other religion or community. Indian Muslim always say that they have nothing to do with the invaders and hence I am sure that they will not object to those mandirs being returned to Hindus, which were forcefully converted into mosques by the invaders. These five points will not cause any discomfort to any other community like UCC. As stated above BJP will not be able to or will not be allowed to implement UCC. While the above five points are easily implementable. These are the low hanging fruits.

By putting the above five points in the manifesto, BJP will be able to implement them easily in next one year or so. BJP will be able to import the same five points in the manifesto for national elections of 2024. It will have case studies to show case under every point. Thus, the development undertaken by BJP at national level will also fit in the framework of Trivarga model of development. The manifesto of BJP’s Gujarat 2022 manifesto should be a precursor to its 2024 manifesto.

Last but not the least, the Hindu voter must realise that Trivarga model of development is a two-way street. Gujarat State BJP will need confidence that they will get hundred percent vote of Hindus in Gujarat. There is not a single opposition party in Gujarat which has not abused Hindus and their rituals and festivals in one way or the other. One gets a shock to see that so many votes and seats are still won by the same opposition parties. If Hindus cannot stand for themselves then BJP as a political party will not be able to stand for them. Comments on social media or WhatsApp forwards will not get the desired result. For desired result each Hindu will have to campaign for BJP and make sure that every single Hindu in the state of Gujarat votes for BJP. BJP should not only win 182 out of 182 seats but also should get hundred percent of Hindu votes. This will pave the way for Hindu Gujarat. When every state will become a Hindu state then automatically India will become a Hindu nation.

If even after 25 years of rule Gujarat has not been able to provide above mentioned five basic Hindu demands then the problem is with both the Hindu voters and the BJP. 2022 elections are God send opportunity for the course correction. If this course correction is not done now then not only there will be more attacks on Garba&Dandia during Navratri, riots but Hindus of Gujarat would have taken another step towards point of no return. Capitalist model of development will lead Hindus on the path to disaster while Trivarga Model of Development will save the Hindu civilisation for posterity. The responsibility lies with both the voter and the BJP.


By Sandeep Singh

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