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BJP, Na Baba Na

Updated: May 14, 2011 12:20 pm

Uma Bharati may come back to the BJP soon. It is said that keeping in view the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, the BJP high command is planning her comeback. However, she is well known for her unpredictable and confusing behaviour. After being expelled from the party she made many efforts for her comeback, but in vain due to her opponents’ rigidness. Though many senior leaders such as Advani and Gadkari are in favour of her comeback, several of her comments made it tough for her. Nowadays, whenever anyone, who previously worked with her, expresses his interest to work with her again, she asks him to take a vow that he will never go to the BJP, come what may, and only then will she let him work with her. Ironically, her eagerness for her own comeback is well known, but she doesn’t want her co-workers to join the BJP!

Powerful Joshi

PAC Chairman Dr Murli Manohar Joshi doesn’t leave a single occasion of showing his power. From the day 2G spectrum scam has been handed over to PAC for probe, he is working in his full capacity, showing his authority. Once again he proved it when he kept many eminent personalities waiting outside his chamber, whom he had called for interrogation. First in this list was Neera Radia, who had to wait for more than two hours, followed by Anil Ambani, who had to wait for more than an hour, and Ratan Tata, who had to wait for almost 20 minutes. However, Tata was given privilege to wait inside his chamber, while other two had to sit on the bench outside his office.

Edgy relations

Elections in Tamil Nadu have successfully concluded and results are awaited. But it seems the DMK will have a tough time retaining power. With the development in the 2G scam probes, the political relation between the Congress and the DMK is also straining. Though officially the Congress is showing its firmness for its relations with the DMK, it has gradually started to distance itself the DMK. Talking to the mediapersons, one spokesperson of the Congress commented that despite the present alliance with the DMK, the Congress has never had a good relation with it. He also recalled the Emergency era, for example, and said that during those days MK Stalin was beaten up black and blue for his opposition.

Tytler steals the show

Five visits in three months. Jagdish Tytler, Congress leader and in-charge of Odisha, has invigorated the state Congress, which has been lying dormant for the last several years. The Delhi durbar, where the state leaders would rush at the whiff, is now out of bounds. Tytler, who initially cracked the whip against indiscipline, one-upmanship and dissent among the leaders and cadre within the party, has now trained his guns at the Naveen Patnaik and the BJD.

                Last week, he flummoxed the ruling party with a volley of seven allegations where he questioned Naveen Patnaik on the NREGA misdemeanors, and threw his hat into the ring stating that he would quit politics and never enter Odisha ever again if his charges were proved to be wrong. Seen in perspective, the charges were just restructured and watered-down allegations, which have already been the basis of the CBI inquiry that has been constituted. However, the ruling party was compelled to reply and a visibly uncomfortable Prafulla Samal was forced to reply to the charges. His discomfiture was visible and in the end he was forced to take the plea that all this had happened during the previous tenure, and he should not be held accountable.

                The entry of Tytler is a shot in the arm for the state Congress. The state BJP, meanwhile, seems to have gone on a holiday. The state president Jual Oram was away in Guwahati and Kolkata for the electioneering, and the Bhrashtachar Hatao Andolan, which has been initiated at all the district levels, is not having the impact that was intended, as it pales in comparison to the Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare certainly has stolen the show from all the opposition parties in the country in matters of corruption in government.

                However, Sonia Gandhi’s point’s man has said that he has much more up his sleeve. The recharged Congress is certainly giving the state BJD ministers sleepless nights. As for the BJP in Odisha, it seems that as of date, the Congress has stolen the show from it.

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