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Biting coldwave is haunting Delhi-NCR

Updated: December 24, 2022 1:09 pm

In the last days of December, the cold has suddenly increased rapidly in various states across the country including the national capital. In Delhi and NCR, Dense fog is also being seen in the morning. According to the estimates of the Meteorological Department (IMD), even before the new year, the cold may increase further in Delhi. At the same time, along with cold and fog, the residents of Delhi are also facing the brunt of pollution. Along with the drop in temperature, Delhi’s air quality is also falling. In Delhi today (Saturday), on the morning of 24th November, the minimum temperature was recorded at 5 degree Celsius, which is three degrees less than the normal. While the AQI of some places remains in the very poor category.

Cold wind is troubling Delhi-NCR. The falling mercury is making new records every day. Gurugram’s day and Delhi’s night were the coldest on Friday. Delhi’s lowest temperature of this season was recorded at 5.3 degree Celsius. It was three notches below normal, while Gurugram recorded a maximum temperature of 17.0 Celsius.

According to the forecast of IMD, the minimum temperature of Delhi may go up to 4 degree Celsius on Sunday. At the same time, the maximum temperature can also reach up to 19 degree Celsius. Along with this, there is also an alert of coldwave. In such a situation, there is a possibility of further increase in cold in Delhi from tomorrow, i.e. Christmas. Talking about today’s weather, the maximum temperature in Delhi can be 20 degree Celsius.

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