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Billa, My Best Friend!

Updated: November 12, 2011 5:25 pm

Disputes never leave the side of Rahul Baba. They stalk him wherever he goes. He, recently, went to meet the victims of the Gurjar-Mev clash in Gopalgarh in Bharatpur district. He travelled there on a motorcycle to take a round of the area, but he did not expect even one bit that this ride would put him in a pickle. It so happened that the motorcyclist Billa alias Ismail is a notorious criminal with cases pending against him. This was not enough; yet another man by the name Sharfu, who accompanied Rahul Gandhi, was also known for his notoriety. Rahul Baba not only gave Billa a bear hug but invited him to come to Delhi and meet him. People of Gopalgarh wondered if Rahul Baba could not find any other man than Billa and Sharfu to give him company.

All Is Well?

LK Advani’s Rath Yatra against corruption is going at full throttle. Sources say that there are tensions galore waiting for him, let alone the arrest of former Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa and the incident of money distribution in Satna. Two general secretaries and two secretaries are accompanying Advani in the Yatra, but all four are busy promoting themselves. None is taking great pains to make the Yatra a success. On the other hand, they are worried about the number of the posters figuring their own faces. One secretary was heard saying that he was not leaving his place fearing that others would stand against him.

The Karnataka Tangle

All hell breaks loose as the gateway to south for BJP that is Karnataka has not proved to be a lucky charm for many BJP leaders. Its former Chief Minister is in jail now. The risk of demotion is looming large over the head of state in charge, Dharmendra Pradhan. He is a young general secretary. of the BJP. Few months ago when the problem of rebels exploded in the state, his role in solving the problem was not praised by the party high command. He was instructed to stay neutral instead of becoming a party in the state politics. But he did not listen and openly supported and sided with Yedyurappa’s detractors. Now it is said that he could be demoted after the Rath Yatra of Advani. It is learnt that one secretary accompanying the Yatra is too hopeful of being promoted to fill the vacant post. It is evident that this aspiring candidate has even kept the door open ajar to allow the expected congratulations to pour in.


Being Chief Minister remains no longer a plum job. Politicians do not find Chief Minister of a state juicy a portfolio at all . At least this is what a spokesperson of Congress thinks. When asked whether she would like to be Chief Minister of Telengana, if formed, Renuka Chaudhory replied that she wouldn’t ever be interested. That is a crown of thorns, she said. When asked what her desire was, she replied that she would rather be a home minister than a Chief Minister.

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