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Bharat Todo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: January 16, 2023 8:38 am

The Saptanga theory is the conceptual foundation of Chanakya’s theory of the state as well as statecraft (with respect to domestic as well as foreign policy). In the Arthasastra, Chanakya expounds the Saptanga theory which refers to the seven ‘constituents’ of a state. The seven are:

  1. Swami: The Ruler
  2. Amatya: The Minister [government and administration]
  3. Janapada: Territory & the People [in the countryside]
  4. Durg: The Fortress [capital city]
  5. Kosa: The Treasury [economy]
  6. Dandda: Armed might
  7. Mitra: The Ally [in foreign policy]

Kautilya says, all seven constitute (state) power, not just armed might. The Saptanga theory means that state power is an aggregate of material and immaterial variables.

In his yatra Rahul Gandhi has attacked each of the seven constituents. Let’s have a glimpse of the same.

  1. Swami: The Ruler

Rahul Gandhi in Mewat said “…Understand the character of Narendra Modi-ji. Whether it was the farm agitation or the land acquisition ordinance, jaise hi unke saamne koi khada ho jata hai Narendra Modi ghoom ke ulta bhaagna shuru kar dete hain (the moment someone stands up to him, Modi turns around and runs away)… muqabla nahi karte, bhaag jaate hain, maidan se nikal jaate hain (he does not compete, he runs away).”

The world accepts that the farm laws were good for the farmers. Khalistanis backed by Canada were behind the unrest. Lot of innocent people were killed in the farmers protest and Tiranga was insulted. Rahul Gandhi takes pride in this kind of unrest which was backed by Khalistanis, Canada, killed innocent people and created losses for farmers and insults the Prime Minister.

  1. Amatya: The Minister [government and administration]

When the Health Minister advised Rahul Gandhi to follow protocol against Chinese virus, he went on to abuse him. Another spread of Chinese virus will cause death of innocent and impact the economy negatively. Rahul Gandhi does not follow security protocol and abuses security forces for security lapses. His Yatra is all about creating problems for everyone, from common man to the government to the nation while helping Chinese with whom he has signed a treaty.

  1. Janapada: Territory & the People [in the countryside]

Rahul Gandhi made a kid walk bare chested in freezing cold. A child’s health has no value for Rahul Gandhi’s political ambition. Indian politics has never seen such a low. On September 26, Rahul Gandhi met the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) leader, who slaughtered a cow in broad daylight in 2017 to mock Hindu sentiments.

  1. Durg: The Fortress [capital city]

Rahul Gandhi invited people like Farooq Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti who openly support Pakistan, Islamist terrorists and killing of Hindus. Rahul Gandhi enjoys the company of those who support those who attacked Indian Parliament in the Capital of India.

Rahul Gandhi skipped the inauguration of a memorial for freedom fighters K E Mammen and P Gopinathan Nair at the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram. Rahul Gandhi is always with breaking Indian forces and not with the people who fought for India’s independence

  1. Kosa: The Treasury [economy]

Rahul Gandhi has been attacking Indian economy while India is on the path to become an economic super power. Rahul Gandhi says one India is for labourers, farmers and the unemployed, and the second for around 100 rich people who hold half of the nation’s wealth. While in reality it is his government in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan which is giving away thousands of crores worth of contract to rich industrialists. And it is Rahul Gandhi who rejoices in withdrawal of farmer bill. The same farmers bill which would have benefited the farmers.

  1. Dandda: Armed might

On 16th December 2022, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Chinese troops are thrashing Indian army soldiers along the line of actual control. While the videos clearly showed Indian Army thrashing Chinese. And this has been the case seen Galwan in recent times. Still Rahul Gandhi went on to insult the Indian Army in an attempt to lower the moral of the armed forces.

  1. Mitra: The Ally [in foreign policy]

Just before the yatra, Rahul Gandhi had abused India’s foreign policy in London Where he said “Gandhi said, “I was talking to some bureaucrats from Europe and they were saying that the Indian foreign service completely changed, they do not listen to anything. They are arrogant… There is no conversation,”. Rahul Gandhi does not realises that officers in foreign services are needed to follow the orders of the Government. And “defending National Interest” is not arrogance but confidence. By making such statements Rahul also insults the friendly nations who have stood by India.

To sum it up, Rahul Gandhi has been instigating youth against Agniveer/ Agnipath scheme. By this he increases the unemployment among youth, abuses defence forces ad helps the enemy nation against India. Makes kid walk bare chested in freezing cold showing his zero respect for common man, does not farmers bill which will help farmers. These are just few examples. His yatra is full of such incidents.

In a nut shell all the aspects which constitute the state as per Chanakya’s Saptanga theory has been attacked by Rahul Gandhi. It also indicates that it is not being done in isolation but are part of well organised effort. And hence it is apt to say that Rahul Gandhi’s yatra is “Bharat Todo yatra”.


By Sandeep Singh

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