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Bharat, Bharatiyata and COVID-19

Updated: April 26, 2020 12:18 pm

This is a new experience in life to face such tough days. Every where there is an atmosphere of uncertainty. What will happen , how pay salary, how to go ahead with fresh ideas and visions ! I hope life has to start again from ground zero, as the small scale print media is really facing a tough battle to survive. Absolutely no respite from government and it is better not to talk of private industry sector. Still God has his own plans and strategies to restart the lifestyles, revive the economy and making a New Bharat again. Bharat has a inherent power to survive at any any situation. Bharat has best brains to visualise how Bharat can lead the Vishwa. When all the Europian countries are curling to face COVID -19 , Bharat and its people are bravely standing strong. All are united where ever they are. Even the common man and middle class is putting a lot of effort to reduce the miseries of poor people . Our proud industry is stand strong to again bring back normalcy. Our Prime Minister Narendra ‘Modi has played Yeoman role to face the crisis. Mr Modi has infused faith and regained hopes and aspirations among the countrymen. My view is that we would be much safer if we can adopt Indian way of life, follow our traditional way to promote economy and adopt our own Ayurveda, Unani, naturopathy and homeopathy to tackle any health problems . Like Tulashi herb, turmeric, and many medicinal plants are used in Bharat as best anti-biotic to fight any virus. If we will practise Surya Pranam and meditation every day then no virus can easily enter our body. Even if our body faces any such dangerous virus , our body can fight it out easily. We must be very much nature friendly and follow our own traditional Gurukul System to stay healthy and living a healthy mind. Bhagwan Ram himself was in Gurukul under the guidance of Rishi Vasist to learn the real mantras of life. After getting complete guidance from Vasist Rishi he returned to takeover the thorn of power. In modern age now most of the people are stressed, negative thoughts have captured our minds. We even forget to love ourselves. My view is let’s first love self and then love others. Then one can realise God himself will be closure to our heart. Day by day we all are loosing patience anand getting so much angry for petty reasons . No we must avoid anger and always be cool for generating creative ideas in our mind. In my view COVID -19 is no danger to a country like Bharat. We are strongly facing it and we will face it. Let’s Not forget our ancestors, our scientists, doctors, social reformers and spiritual gurus. Let’s remember that we are quite capable enough and we are very much talented and together we can win the world and make Bharat as Vishwa Guru . Vande Mataram.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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