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Beware Of Vertigo (Giddiness)

Updated: October 6, 2012 11:48 am

Giddiness or vertigo is characterised by a spinning movement, where there is a feeling of motion even when one is stationary. It is commonly associated with nausea, unsteadiness and low level of consciousness. Weakness and hearing loss may occur.

Physical strain, mental tension, worry, anxiety, indigestion, eating oily food items lead to giddiness. This giddiness usually lasts only for few moments. The room and the walls keep reeling. Slowly it gets to normal.

Causes may be brain tumor, diabetes, low or high BP, psychological stress etc. Sometimes motion sickness or migraine causes giddiness. Bhastrika pranayam is good to get rid of this problem (under the supervision of yoga instructor). With this pranayam heart and brain get enough of oxygen and blood circulation improves.



■              Bring to boil two cloves in a glass of water, let it cool and then drink.

■              Ginger relieves giddiness and nausea.

■              Add two dry dates and five cloves, 10gm of pure ghee, 40 gm of sugar candy to a glass of water; bring it to boil, let it cool and then drink this water. If you drink this twice a day for two days you will definitely find the difference.

■              25gm of sugar, 10gm of sonth (dry ginger), 20gm of ghee add all these ingredients and make it in two parts, eat twice a day for 15 days.

■              Take pure ghee, ata (wheat flour) and sugar. Add all the three ingredients make small balls and eat two daily. When feeling giddiness take haldi (turmeric powder) or sandal wood powder add little water and apply to forehead.

■              When you feel that your head is reeling drink nimbu (lemon) juice. Sprouts of dhania (coriander) seeds and two spoons of saunf (fennel seeds) grind add to warm water and drink or add ½ spoon tulsi juice and honey and eat.

■              Keep little hing (asafetida) and little camphor on your tongue and slowly inhale.

■              During summers taking harad (haritaki) juice or churan will protect from head reeling. Drinking coconut water also helps.

■              Fry seeds of melon in ghee and chew or add pepper powder, two spoons of haldi (turmeric), ata (wheat flour) roast all these in ghee add to four spoons of milk and then drink. If the reeling of head is due to tiredness add little haldi (turmeric powder), one spoon of ghee to a glass of milk and drink.

■              400gms milk, five cloves, 25gms ghee and four peeled badam (almonds) add to milk and drink.

■              Roast ½ kg aata in ghee add ilaichi (cardamom) powder make small balls and put in jaggery syrup. Eat one daily to get relief from giddiness.

■              Reduce salt by avoiding potato chips, salted nuts and other snack foods.

■              Drink water, low fat milk, herbal tea and juices. Include fruits and vegetables like melons, cucumbers, and citrus fruits to increase hydration.

■              Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and food that is high in fat, sugar or cholesterol.

■              Omega 3 rich flax seed and walnuts are to be included in the diet.

■              Whole grain bread, cereals, brown rice, oats contain magnesium and Vitamin B. These help reduce giddiness and maintain balance.

■              In some cases giddiness comes due to excess heat in brain for BP patients. Paitya increases in liver and leads to giddiness. Apply ayurvedic oil to head regularly. Massage with sesame oil on the scalp, left and right side of the throat in circular motion. As the oil soaks into the head giddiness decreases.

■              Ginger is a good remedy for dizziness. Ginger powder (peel the outer skin, dry and then make powder) 100gms, jeera powder (cumin seeds) (roasted and powdered) 100gms, misri or sugar candy powdered 100gms. Mix all the ingredients. This becomes gas hara churan. Take two to three pinches of it after the food. This will relieve gas, paityam; giddiness etc. and all stomach-related problems will be eliminated.

■              Dry amla five to six pieces, crushed dhania seeds one spoon, water one small glass. Pour all the above in a mud vessel and soak overnight. Filter in the morning add one spoon candy sugar and drink. Giddiness will disappear within one week. Excess heat accumulated in head will vanish.

A person suffering from giddiness gets better by himself. However it can also be a symptom of other disorders like bacterial infections of the ear etc. which can be treated by consulting a physician.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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