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Besieged Raja

Updated: February 25, 2012 10:19 am

Former Union Telecom Minister A Raja is worried these days. He is lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail and this has put his entire political career at stake. He is accused of corruption charges in the infamous 2G scam. But he has many buckets brimming with other worries too. And the worry eating into him most is about his little daughter who studies in class seven in a public school in New Delhi. She has left the school because she was annoyed at the questions repeatedly lobbed by her mates regarding her father. Her friends usually asked her what brought her father in the news every day. The irritated daughter has stopped attending the school. This has aggravated the tension of the father.

Politically Correct

The spokespersons are the right people who know the nitty-gritty of the issues which they deal with. They are experts at the subject. They know where to speak and where to keep mum. Abhishek Manu Singhvi is one who belongs to this league. In a press briefing, he was asked a question regarding Robert Vadra who gave a statement recently that he would also join active politics in future and that Priyanka’s time would come too. Singhvi refused to comment saying that he hadn’t seen the news. But when he was asked about a statement given the same day by LK Advani, he started to answer. One journalist interrupted him saying that if he hadn’t seen the news then how was he commenting on one and refusing another? Singhvi smiled mischievously and said that he had seen that news only.

Redressal Through Social Sites

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google have been in the eye of a storm for the past few days. The government alleges that these sites are spreading objectionable content. But it seems the various departments of the government find them very useful to remain in contact with the public and address the public grievances. Previously, Delhi Police created their Facebook account and were encouraged by the results as well. Now it is the turn of PMO. It created its Twitter account few weeks ago and it is now planning to create its Facebook account too. A special cell is on the anvil too to look after these accounts. PMO believes that it is going to be a great medium to listen to and address the public grievances.


Pranabda is known as the troubleshooter of the UPA government. Whenever the government totters it looked to Pranabda. This was once again proved when the Apex Court gave its verdict in 2G scam and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram too was influenced with it. It is well known that the relations between these two leaders are not good and had become worst when the office of Pranabda was spied. But despite their bitter and sour relations, Pranabda was the only person the government and Chidambaram could rely on. So once again Pranabda was seen active in managing the situation.

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