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Benefits of eating soaked Almonds

Updated: October 22, 2017 12:59 pm

Almonds are the best source of proteins, minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. No doubt they are good for health. But soaked almonds are more beneficial than the dry seeds.

Let us know why to soak them

-There is a thick brown peel on the seed.  Now this peel contains an essential enzyme tannin that protects the seed.  If we eat the hard seed this enzyme obstructs the protein from entering our body. Whereas the soaked seed as you chew with your teeth this peel is separated and all the nutrients are released.Or you can even peel it off easily.

-In our digestive system we have small intestines and big intestines to digest the food we consume. But half the digestion is done in our mouth itself.  While chewing the soaked almonds digestive juices in the mouth help them crush and make them soft. This way thy help in digestion.  Only soaked almonds should be given to small children.  If not they swallow without proper chewing and that may lead to indigestion and other problems.  Soaked almonds release the enzyme lipase which is beneficial for fat digestion.Eating soaked almonds help enhance the good bacteria in our intestines, enhances immunity and help in increasing the digestive power.

-They are a good source of anti-oxidants.  They resists free radical damage and prevents ageing.  They contain vitamin B-17 and folic acid which are vital for cancer and reducing birth defects.

How to soak them

-These are to be soaked in water 4 times to the seeds.  Soak them overnight and peel off the skin in the morning. You can keep them preserved in refrigerator for about a week.  These soaked almonds can be made sprouts which are far more beneficial to health.

-Sprouted almonds are softer, moister, sweeter and easier to digest.

-Sprouting almonds is the only way to release the lipase an enzyme which digests fat.  Ittakes two to three days for the almonds to sprout.

-Benefits of eating soaked almonds on an empty stomach:-

-Soaking almonds overnight make them release more of their vitamins which allow these nutrients and vitamins more easily absorbed by the body. Now they become easy to digest.

-Eating soaked almonds make your body absorb more nutrients from them and keeps you energised for long time.

-Boosts memory as these are called brain food.  They sharpen the memory and improve the intelligence specially of the kids as their brain is at growing stage.

-Almonds help in controlling cholesterol level which is good for the heart.  The magnesium content present in almonds help in preventing the heart attacks.

-Eating soaked almonds on empty stomach delays ageing process and helps you remain younger looking for a long time. Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants present in almonds eliminates harmful free radicals from the body and keeps the skin healthier.

-Soaked almonds help improve the strength of hair.  The nutrition contained in soaked almonds nourish the hair root and prevent it from damage that results in hair loss.

Purchase good quality almonds and store them in a closed jar in room temperature. Make it a habit to eat 8 to 10 soaked almonds daily on empty stomach.


By Nibhanapudi Suguna



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