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“BEL has developed Cohrent system”- Dinesh Batra, CMD

Updated: October 13, 2022 10:01 am

Armed forces of India are the pride of our country. It has always made us Indians proud. But do you know those people who make Indian forces capable of fighting. Institutions that are part of Indian Army as important as the eyes, nose and ears are for us. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is one of the pioneer companies which make up for the many necessities not only for the Armed forces but also comon people.

“85% of our turnover comes from making India AatmaNirbhar,” says Dinesh Batra, Chairman of BEL, in an interview with senior journalist Anshuman Anand of Uday India. Excerpts.


  1. PM Modi has given the mantra of “ AatmaNirbhar Bharat.” How BEL is moving in tandem with this mantra?
  2. I would like to tell you that we have communication equipment, electronic devices, naval system equipment, missile, smart whistle, battery, laser, electronic voting machine and many more, which are our primary product range meant only for the Army, Air force and Navy. But, one cannot say that we work only for armed forces, we do many other things in other areas as well.. The second one you said is the Prime Minister’s campaign to make India self-reliant. So, this is our motto too. For a long time now, it has been made mandatory to go indigenous in our products. And we are going for it in various ways. If we want to develop our techniques, then we have a very big system for that. Our research keeps our product development separate, in which we have more than 50 percent people working and they are engaged in development of our country.. We work together with DRDO by developing new technologies with them.

Bharat Electronics is also contributing in that campaign. Today, our 85%  of turn over comes through things developed in the country and we ourselves are motivating the small businesses associated with us to develop ther products here only.  Whatever we used to import earlier, we are telling them that you develop them. So in this way Bharat Electronics is helping in making India self-reliant.

  1. How have you changed the work culture of the company, given that PSUs are known for their complacency?
  2. I want to say that all the people of the company have contributed in this because of them it has become possible. I tell everyone that the work has to be done fast. Those who have trusted us, with the help of our employee it has been possible to stand up to that trust.

We all have developed from this company in last 38 years, so our earlier leaders and other employees, everyone’s contribution is there in making the company what it is today. I can say that we are engaged with more power than private companies, and also we would like to tell you that in 2 years, this company’s profit has gone from 20 crores to 80 thousand crores..

That is, the investor’s whose money was invested has increased more than 3 times and this prosperity, has been shared with our investors and all other associates. And many companies are coming to join us and they are very big companies and we have to work with them together.

  1. This year’s Defence Expo is in Gandhi Nagar. What is your preparation for that?
  2. All our SP people are taking part in this and we will also launch many things there and it is quite well known that we have a stake in this. I would like to tell you that we have got the Iconic Brand of India Award from Economic Time and this is a big thing for us. I would like to tell that when there were shortage of ventilators in the country, the government gave us the responsibility to make 30000 ventilators in 5 months.
  3. India has come to those 25 countries which are exporting defence products.. What have you targeted for its export?
  4. The government also expected that 10 per cent of our exports should come from this sector, for that we need to expand our foot prints and we are opening our offices in all the countries. And, as the government has set a target of making India a 5 trillion economy and as we are progressing, I am confident that we will surely be successful.

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