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Bedi Stirs The Poll Pot

Updated: February 7, 2015 6:00 am

The Delhi Assembly election is no longer seen as Modi versus Kejriwal contest. Its now Bedi versus Kejriwal known as the Muffler Man. One Magsaysay awardee against another. Her induction, it is said, had been finalised by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, quite some time back. It was a masterstroke. BJP seems rejuvenated.

Reports are that Bedi’s candidature has made Muslims think, they know she would be good for them. No one in the Central or State unit of the BJP was aware of the plan to parachute former tough cop Kiran Bedi to contest in the Delhi State Assembly election. It came as a surprise (shock) to slightly complacent state leaders, who did nothing hoping that Modi would win for them. It imbalanced Kejriwal too, he was forced to change his poll strategy. The newcomer’s arrival when the election heat was building up and many State stalwarts were vying for the top gaddi, caused not only flutter but resentment in the Delhi unit of the party. BJP workers and activists have been demonstrating outside the Party office at 11 Ashoka Road.

Can these irate leaders upset the attempt by the party to get enough seats to form government? They can hardly do that. They are a bunch of leaders without much support or goodwill. If in pique they do not support Bedi, not much damage could be inflicted on Bedi. No doubt, the induction of Bedi was a shot in BJP’s arm. Shah and Modi by reversing their earlier policy not to declare a chief minister nominee proved they are brilliant at reading the situation and are quick to adapt to the new developments.

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