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Beauty that comes from within touches your heart and lasts for lifetime

Updated: June 15, 2017 1:37 pm

The charm of being among the top beauties of the world, glorified with the sparkling crown and sash is no less than a dream for every girl. At the same time, it is quite challenging for every women to make such dreams possible, but there are a few strong women who not only dare to challenge such dreams but also make it happen.

Suparna Mukherjee, who recently won the titles of Mrs. Congeniality 2017 and Mrs. India Queen of Substance Classic 2nd Runner Up in an International Contest, where Indian women from all over the world participated, is one such tale of will power, hard work and inner strength. From being a mother of two understanding kids, caring daughter, working lady to the Crown of dignity, the journey was not that easy for Kolkata-based Suparna Mukherjee, who spoke candidly to Joydeep Das Gupta about her journey to the Crown, struggle, hardship, experiences and about her future plans. Excerpts:


What was your inspiration behind participating in the contest for Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2017?

Mrs. India Queen of Substance is a contest of international level, which challenges an Indian lady to come out of her comfort zones and showcase her talents, knowledge, skills, to make her prove that she is the one, who deserves the Crown, fulfilling so many criteria of the judges, passing those tough levels, where going one level up each time with every round helps you not only gain the confidence but also push you one step closer to your dream of winning the Crown. So, inspiration of doing something to make a difference just came from within. I have always wanted to make a difference in this world. I am sure, with this responsibility, honour and Crown, I will definitely make a difference in many people’s lives.

Now that you have achieved an international recognition, what next are you planning to do?

Winning the crown changes the total vision of your life. You are the Queen now. And a Queen nurtures her people, raises her voice against indiscrimination and inequality, makes people aware of their rights, and tries to be a role model for women with her courage, prowess, and confidence.

Apart from serving the society, I would also like to represent India internationally at those platforms, where I can make India leave a mark in people’s minds all over the world and make my country proud just the way I made West Bengal, Kolkata, proud all over India and abroad.

What is your definition of beauty.

Beauty that comes from within touches your heart and lasts for lifetime. A good soul with noble intentions and deeds, a positive outlook towards life, a compassionate mindset, always leaves a mark in people’s minds, and that’s the beauty of the person. Not just a pretty face but also a clean and happy soul, devoid of any evil intentions, makes a person truly beautiful.


What challenges did you face when you decided to participate in the pageant and how did you overcome those challenges?

The entire journey from the day I  registered for the contest was tiring, exciting and inspiring. Managing a very demanding work-front, because my job included travel also, and home-front with two growing, extremely active and energetic children, running the entire household immaculately, four months before the contest was challenging and needed extreme hard work, patience, focus, and positivity towards my goal. I am extremely thankful to my family for their support, especially my mom, who stood like a pillar, and my wellwishers, who at times kept on motivating me and helped me keep my calm and composure.

I am also thankful to The Tiara, the pageant training academy in Pune, because there only I got all the major information about the pageant and how to go about it .The nitty gritty of the pageant system, and a mental support for a fresher like me was received from Ritika Ramtri, the pageant director of The Tiara at Pune.

I did yoga and dance to keep myself fit and to keep my stress away. I did late night studies after my kids slept to keep myself updated about the world and current affairs. I kept collecting data related to women’s issues and children’s problems all over the country. I had very much limited time, but within that time, I tried everything needed to equip myself to excel in the pageant.

Did you ever think of quitting because of frustration and failure?

Frustration and failures are two very strong pillars of success. Without them, the taste of success will be bland. Self-analysis is very important here. Your control over your mind and your thoughts help you fight anything, which can actually upset you or make you feel sad.  Challenges are what make life interesting; and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. And I believe in making my life meaningful, so I don’t belong to the quitter category.

What is your biggest strength?

Leadership is my biggest strength backed by determination, discipline and positivity. It keeps me going for something I set my eyes on. My courage, my confidence, my energy and my compassion are my biggest assets I have grown in myself with time.

What, according to you, are the main qualities needed for Mrs. India Queen?

Mrs. India Queen is an epitome of feminine beauty, positivity and compassion. She is the role model of any and every woman from all walks of life. She is kind, intelligent, graceful and classy. She has the capacity to win anyone’s hearts through her compassionate smile and charming appearance. She is a true woman of substance, who balances her family life and working life with great diligence, fulfilling all her roles and responsibilities, and at the same time, taking care of the society in a much broader spectrum. Mrs. India Queen works for a stable development and growth of her country by actively taking part in social activities. Empowering not only women, but entire mankind should be her ultimate goal.

Tell us something about your family?

I have two children–daughter Ria and  son Ryan–and my husband, who is posted in USA. He is in IT industry, a great dad and a very disciplined and principled person. My in-laws are in Kolkata. They are very independent and helpful people I have met. I lost my dad in 2013, which is my greatest loss as of now, as he was my mentor, philosopher and guide. My mom is the biggest inspiration of perseverance and affection in my life and I love my mom very much. I have a sister, who is happily married and is blessed with a son.

Tell us something about your social commitments, as we can see  you are already associated in numerous philanthropic works?

As I have achieved this prestigious honour, my responsibility towards the society has increased many folds now. I would like to dedicate this honour to those who are the most afflicted part of the society. In Kolkata, there are many  organisations, which need help,  money, more support for the development of children, women, old-age people or specially abled people. I would like to reach those areas and bring them into limelight, where they can get more support and attention from the right people.

Where do you want to see yourself in  next ten years?

In next ten years, I see myself having my own school, where I wouldl be able to give education to those children who cannot afford to go to the school. I enjoy and feel satisfied in preparing that young generation who is our future leader and hope. Having my own grooming institution, shaping the dreams of many people will help them achieve something in life and helping the society at large through my contribution towards those who need it most is my aim.

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