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Beat The Heat

Updated: July 28, 2012 3:34 pm

In summers we must take precaution to protect ourselves from excessive perspiration, sun-tan, prickly heat, sun stroke, fever etc—as we sweat a lot and lose energy.

The overall health can be maintained by taking curds or lassi (butter milk). Curd helps develop immune system in the body. It controls the yeast infections in ladies. It relieves the body from tensions and tiredness, delays the degeneration of the body and also purifies the blood. Curd helps eradicate diseases like cancer and Parkinson in the elderly. It also helps keep the mind alert and protect the mucus lining in the stomach. But curds eaten in large quantities may lead to digestive problems. To avoid those problems, we can dilute the curd with water. Below given are a few recipes and their benefits in the intense summer heat.


Method: Take ½ cup paneer, 1 cup curd, 2 cups of water, ½ spoon coriander powder and 3 dates. Remove seeds and grind dates, now mix the date powder with the paneer, curd, water and coriander powder and blend thoroughly. Check the consistency, if it is too thick you can add little water and dilute it.

Benefits: It quenches thirst, protects from dehydration and sun stroke.



Method: Take 1cup curd, 1 medium size cucumber, 2 tomatoes, few coriander leaves, ½ nimbu (lemon), a pinch of pepper and salt to taste. Grind kheera, curd and coriander and then add salt, pepper and lemon juice, and grind once again. Pour in glass and serve.

Benefits: Free urination, prevents dehydration, quenches thirst and relieves constipation.


Method: Take juice of two big lemons and old jaggery, add the juice to 2 glasses of water (stored preferably in earthen pot).

Benefits: Relief from excessive thirst, irritability, nose bleeding, gum bleeding, loss of appetite, acidity, ulcers.


Method: Take black grapes, old jaggery and water. Clean the grapes in salt water put all the ingredients in a grinder along with water and jaggery. Pour in a glass and sip slowly.

Benefits- Provides relief from bitterness in mouth (due to illness, fever etc.) thirst, dry cough, exhaustion, ulcers, weight gain for lean people. It is even helpful for eye sight improvement, free urination and even gives strength to those suffering from Herpes due to its high content of Vitamin C (which helps fight against infections).


Method: Take the juice of two oranges, add little water and 2 table spoons of honey to the juice and serve.

Benefits: Relieves us from throat pain, reduces weight, stops bleeding, nausea, vomiting. It even helps reduce acidity, detoxifies the body, and nourishes the skin


Method: Take ¼ of a pineapple, 3 spoons of jaggery and add little water and grind in a mixer or juicer.

Benefits: It treats hair infection, pneumonia due to the Vitamins A,C and manganese present in it.


Method: Take two green mangoes boiled, 2 tea spoons salt, ½ spoon chilli powder (optional), 4 spoons sugar and 3 spoons pudina (mint) leaves. Take out the seeds from mangoes and blend all the ingredients by adding little water.

Benefits: It helps relieve thirst, exhaustion, fights against various infections, nausea, acidity, loss of appetite and even prevents heat stroke.

Apart from this we should also drink lots of water, lime water, coconut water, and health drinks made of ragi etc. One can even take glucose water. We should eat fruits that are available in season like banana, cherries, mangoes and especially watermelon to control the body heat. For those who don’t like raw fruits, they can take fruits in the form of fruit salads and milk shakes. These fruits contain anti-oxidants that help protect the body from summer-prone diseases.

 By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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