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Be A Karma Yogi

Updated: April 3, 2010 11:58 am

Man fears danger. He keeps seeking ways to escape problems. It is impossible to live in this world without undergoing crisis at some point in our lives. Problems are a test of a man’s integrity. Sages say that problems teach us great lessons in life. The more one suffers, stumbles and falls in life, the more wisdom he gains. Failures are the steps on the ladder to success, while merely preachings are not.

            The experiences of those who encounter hardships and hindrances prove as a guide for others.

            Mark Rutherford, an adventurous writer, has had many accidents. This story is from his childhood. One day when he was sitting on the seashore, he saw a ship letting the anchor fall down, far away. A childish inquisition arose in’ his mind and he felt a keen longing to swim up to the ship. He hovered around the ship for a longtime and his heart was overjoyed. Self-confidence increased with his success and conquest. But when he looked back at the shore, desperation engulfed him as the shore was very far from there. Mark writes that the body takes the same instincts what the mind thinks. Because of negative thoughts, a strong young man became a drowning man without being actually drowned. But by steering the thought process from

negativity to optimism lead to miracles in no time. He realised a drastic change in himself. New vigou and strength pervaded his body. He considered not reaching the shore as a struggle before death by drowning. He got revived and recharged with his own thoughts and reflections. Fear was pervading in his mind earlier, but now he had conviction, and faith in his capacity to reach the shore. Thus he swam to his destination.

            The youthful Rutherford was successful in returning back to the shore coaxed by his own thoughts. This childhood incident left a deep mark on this writer’s life. Mark wrote, “Without humility, goal cannot be achieved. Without faith, one cannot overcome hardships. The secret of success lies hidden in strife. And to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield should be our aim in adversities. Morality is the power that strengthens a man from inside. Thoughts may entrap him in tribulations or may save him from them. Thoughts make him moral or immoral. Therefore always think before you act.”

            Carlyle regards hardship as a teaching experience. Just as in the boxing ring, the master thrashes his pupil down frequently, the pupil gets wounded, sprained, dusted, tired, but this teaches him how to become stronger and defend himself.

            Life’s real pleasure cannot be enjoyed without obstacles.

            Crisis ridden situations are the ones, which create history. Problems polish the personality. Turning failures into success is called experience. History remembers those who had the courage to endure challenges. The key to success is that problems can be faced by moral support. Unscrupulous people’s success is momentary, and short-lived, while the success achieved through moral force is, constant.

            Having an aim in life is necessary before trying to achieve it. The distance to be traveled may be long or short, its proper selection along with consistent effortcan take the traveler to his destination. Moving ahead is significant but it depends on the direction. Movement becomes important once the aim is decided. Motivation is essential to reach one’s goal, and not idleness and laziness.

            Hindrances do occur on the way. These have to be overcome through zest and courage. Humiliation, frustration and failures weaken the spirits. But proper analysis of these situations brings us out of the crisis.

            Most people lack faith in themselves. They waste their precious time in cursing their fate. One, who thinks of himself to be helpless, lonely and weak, can never win. A person having a low self-respect is always regarded as weak in this world. He, who condemns his fate, never does great things in life. Only those who believe in themselves can succeed. To awaken the vitality in every person and use it in a constructive manner is the key aim of Sukhi Parivar movement.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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