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BBC’s delusional and lopsided documentary

Updated: January 21, 2023 5:46 pm

Retired judges, retired bureaucrats and retired armed forces veterans co-sign a statement rebutting the BBC documentary ‘ India: The Modi Question’. The statement says yet again, the staple, dyed-in-the-wool negativity and unrelenting prejudice of the BBC toward India has resurfaced as a documentary, “India: The Modi Question”. This production, the BBC claims, has been “rigorously researched according to the highest editorial standards”, and “examines the tensions between India’s Hindu majority and Muslim minority and explores the politics of India’s PM Narendra Modi in relation to those tensions” and “a series of controversial policies” implemented by him. So now we have the archetype of British past imperialism in India setting itself up as both judge and jury, to resurrect Hindu-Muslim tensions that were overwhelmingly the creation of the British Raj policy of divide and rule.

Emphasising delusional and lopsided reporting by BBC, the statement further says: “It (BBC) presumes to question the very basis of the 75-year-old edifice of India’s existence as an independent, democratic nation, a nation which functions according to the will of the people of India. Glaring factual errors apart, the series – which uses the words `allegedly’ and ‘reportedly’ repeatedly, (not `factually’) – reeks of motivated distortion that is as mind-numbingly unsubstantiated as it is nefarious. This is demonstrated most vividly by its completely sidelining the core fact: that the apex judicial institution of India, the Supreme Court of India, has unambiguously ruled out any role of Shri Modi in the Gujarat violence of 2002, while firmly rejecting allegations of complicity and inaction by the then Gujarat State government headed by Chief Minister Modi. ”

The series claims to examine policies “in the context of rising tensions in India. Not only is this a serious waste of the audience’s time, patience and intelligence, it actually calls into question BBC’s own journalistic and ethical principles. This documentary is not a neutral critique, it is not about exercising creative freedom, it is not even about a divergent, anti-establishment point of view. It is in fact a visibly motivated charge sheet against our leader, a fellow Indian and a patriot, adds the statement. The coordinators of the statement are Sanjeev Tripathi, IAS, former RAW Chief and Bhaswati Mukherjee, IFS, former Ambassador.

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