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Bay Leaf

Updated: March 23, 2016 12:44 pm

Popularly called tej patta in India, bay leaf is commonly used in many Indian recipes to get that unique flavour to a dish. This aromatic leaf retains its flavour even in its dried form. Apart from giving flavour to the dish it has been used in traditional medicine. Now the modern science also confirmed by research, its numerous health benefits. It has been found that

they have enzymes that can break down proteins to promote healthy order Aciphex digestion. Phyto-nutrients that help improve heart function and compounds that are believed to aid in cancer prevenation.


  •  Make powder of the dry leaves and keep chewing about 2gms of it twice daily to get over belly pain.
  •  Include bay leaves in your diet to control blood sugar levels. They improve insulin function owing to an active compound (Polyphenol) present in these leaves.
  • Bay leaf has anti-bacterial, analgesic properties due to which wounds can be healed effectively. Boil a few bay leaves in water for ten minutes and clean the inflammation or sores with this water daily. In few days it gets vanished.
  •  These leaves contain powerful anti oxidants that help remove harmful free radicals from the body. The fresh leaves contain folic acid   which can help prevent neural tube defects in the newborn.
  •  For speaking fluently without stammering and to get rid of other speech defects keep a small piece of this leaf in mouth and keep swallowing its juice.


  •  If you keep this leaf along with your clothes in trunk, there won’t be any germs or termite in the box.
  •  Boil a glass of water with bay leaf till it reduces to half glass, filter it and drink. This gives relief from the all the abdomen and uterus related problems. Dry leaves powdered can be taken about half tea spoon to get relief from the abdominal pain and cramps. Settles upset stomachs very effectively, sooths irritable bowel syndrome. Unique enzymes found in bay leaves help in efficient digestion and nutrient intake.
  •  Two grams or ½ teaspoon of powdered leaf, one spoon sugar candy powder and one spoon of cow ghee mixed together, if taken before meals gives strength to the body.
  •  If a person is suffering from tuberculosis tej patta leaves, cinnamon, small cardamom, pippal powder 5gm each and 20 gm of sugar candy or liquorice powder, dates seedless, kismiss (raisins) seedless grind all together add little honey and store. Add 10g of this to a cup of warm cow or goat milk. It will not only cure TB but regain strength.
  •  Inhaling the vapours of this leaf can loosen up phlegm and eliminate dangerous bacteria that be trapped in the respiratory tracts due to its natural anti-bacterial quality.
  •  Bay leaves contain a particular phyto-nutrient (parthenolide) that can reduce inflammation and irritation when topically applied to affected areas like sore joints or arthritis affected areas. Bay leaf can effectively eliminate bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system and can boost heart health.
  •  It is also an antidote to poison.

So use bay leaf for overall health of your family.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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