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The battle goes  on between Nationalists and Communalists

Updated: September 22, 2017 1:35 pm

Hypocrisy is when numerous workers of Hindu organisations killed by jehadi elements and Marxists goons is reduced to mere statistics, while one murder of a so-called journalist with a devious agenda, dubious character & malicious intent becomes national sensation. For these so-called rationalists, left liberals, kept Intellectuals and self-proclaimed progressive thinkers & writers, secularism is an euphemism to insult & denigrate Hindu philosophy and anything that is nationalist

Death, it is said, is a great leveller. It doesn’t differentiate between rich & poor; urban & rural; educated & illiterate; forward caste & backward caste; upper class & lower class.

However, death is a not a leveller for some human right activists, Left liberals and kept intellectuals.

For them, the murder of their ilk is a national sensation; a violation of human rights; a loss of precious human life; whereas cold-blooded massacre of scores of activists belonging to Hindu School of Thought is a casual event that deserves to be treated with contempt.

As many as 51 young RSS activists were stabbed to death in different parts of Kerala; similarly 11 RSS/BJP workers were killed in cold-blood in various parts of Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka.

See the hypocrisy and the double-standards of these lecherous, treacherous  and despicable lot.

No voice was raised by these so-called human right activists and by these so-called intellectuals; no protest was organised by any media groups; no dharna was held by any of these progressive, Left Liberals and Kept Intellectuals; the writers maintained a stoical silence. Leaving the parents of these Hindu activists to grieve for themselves.

During his visit to Mangalore, Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah never bothered to visit the hospital where RSS activist Sharath Madivala was battling for his life after he was stabbed by jehadi forces.

These shameless human right activists, intellectuals and so-called secular leaders lecture Narendra Modi to follow Raj Dharma but has no guts to tell Siddaramaiah to follow Raj Dharma – hypocrisy to the core; double-standard to the hilt.

The hypocrisy, unscrupulousness and double-standards of these immoral lot came to the fore in a big way in the aftermath of the killing of Gauri Lankesh, the self-proclaimed human right activist; editor of her own yellow paper and a so-called rationalist, on September 5 outside her residence at about 7.55 PM in the posh Rajarajeshwari Nagar locality in South-Western Bangalore.

Even before the City Crime Branch first and the Special Investigation Team (SIT) later commenced the probe, these self-proclaimed progressive thinkers, left and kept intellectuals, writers and academicians declared that “elements belonging to right wing ideological organisation” were involved in the killing.

This made one senior officer of the SIT remark, rather, wryly; “Gauri was killed around 7.55 PM. At 8.20 PM, these writers and rationalists have blamed the RSS and right wing organisations for the killing. Now that the ruling has been given by these writers, kept intellectuals and Left Liberals, there is no need for the probe. All that we have to do is to ask them who are the actual killers, who pulled the trigger, what is the motive. We can catch them and produce before the court. Our job is made easy.”

However, even 72 hours elapsed after Gauri fell down to bullets fired from what is suspected to be a Point 32 revolver, the actual perpetrators of the crime, the motive, if one or more persons are involved – the SIT has still no clue and looks like that the team is groping in the dark.

Gauri’s killing is the second such gruesome incident after the murder of Prof M.M.Kalburgi, another so-called rationalist, who was gunned down by un-known assailants right in front of his residence on 30th August 2015 in the otherwise peaceful city of Dharwad.

Like Gauri, Kalburgi too had extreme views on Hindu philosophy and used to derive vicarious pleasure by denigrating Hindu gods and goddesses. “I support and endorse the views expressed by Dr U.R. Anantha Murthy, the recipient of Jnana Peetha Award, that idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are  nothing more than mere stones. There is nothing wrong in urinating on these idols,” Kalburgi had said, numerous times.

These lecherous lot defend and justify such statements on the ground that they have “individual and institutional freedom” to express their views. And they expect the Hindu society to swallow this insult and humiliation because of these progressive thinkers, writers, Left liberals, kept intellectuals and so-called secular brigade.

Similar macabre incidents of killing RSS activists have been going on uninterruptedly in Kerala, the God’s own country but the Left-ruled dispensation dismissed it as “local factors & “personal reasons”. The Left leaders starting from Sitaram Yechury down-played the killings and instead blamed the RSS. Said Yechury, “It is the RSS that started the killing first. It is now cyclic.”

RSS was quick to retort and expose the white lie of Yechury.

Said, Dattatreya Hosabale, Saha Sarakaryavaha of the RSS, “Let the Marxists show even one instance of sangh swayamsevaks having perpetrated violence. We will take action. This is the, rather, devious and diversionary ploy of the Leftists to derail the probe and dilute the issue by wrongly and falsely blaming the RSS.” Yechury had neither gall nor balls to give a convincing and credible reply to Hosabale.

The agenda of this secular and award wapsi brigade in such killings is simple. Blame the RSS and Hindutva organisations quickly and mount pressure on the government to arrest the killers immediately. They adopt their time-tested ploy to shout from the roof-tops that the Hindutva organisations are responsible for the killing of the rationalists.

This the same modus operandi they adopted in the aftermath of the killing of Narendra Dhabolkar at Pune, Govind Pansare at Kolhapur, M.M.Kalburgi at Dharwad and Gauri Lankesh at Bangalore.  Even before the probe commenced,  these progressive thinkers and writers, Left liberals were quick to blame the RSS and Hindutva organisations.

What an irony

For the last few days the entire media has left no stone unturned to project Gauri Lankesh as an intellectual who had the courage to speak the truth, a free thinker and a journalist in a true sense.  But the big question which comes to one’s mind is: does one can get such titles only if one is out there abusing Hindus and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi?

The intellectuality of Gauri Lankesh could be ascertained if one would look at her Facebook and Twitter posts.

This makes one wonder whether this kind of language makes an individual a secular or a liberal or an intellectual?! Did abusing Hindus or PM Modi get her the recognition among the liberals or Lutyen’s media?  Just because one is opposed to one ideology, makes that person, that too a journalist, qualified enough to use such a derogatory language for any person or organization?

Imagine if right wing people start using such foul language for the left winger, will leftists leave right wingers in peace? Will right winger be called intellectuals or outspoken or courageous? In fact despite Lankesh displaying her cheap and disgraceful mentality, people have treated her with respect.

It is ironical that to a woman who calls right wing women sex slaves or rapists the Lutyen’s media is glorifying her. They don’t have the guts to highlight these posts of her. She calls her PM gay and asks to send used sanitary napkin to him but wont utter a single word for people like Kanhaiya or Umar who chanted slogans against India. She mocks today’s Prime Minister of India but didn’t send any used sanitary napkin to Sonia Gandhi whose government was the den for scams.

Gauri Lankesh’s attitude shows her insecurity with no objective or direction in life, besides abusing Hindus. She represents the real character of seculars and liberals in our country. Only a person of disturbed mentality can indulge in such abusing and Lutyens media is glorifying that.

This Lutyen’s media wants people to cry for her, a slew of awards is being demanded for her by liberals and state funeral was given to her by seculars. we should thank our stars that these seculars didn’t demanded state funeral for slain terrorist Burhan Wani, despite media giving him a hero like status and made a legend out of him.

With respect to the killing of Pansare, Dhabolkar and Kalburgi, these rationalists gave a, rather, ridiculous explanation – all the killings have taken place on National Highway Number 4 within the distance of 250 to 300-Kms and hence the killers must be from the same organisation. World laughed at these pseudo-intellectual jokers!

Whereas the BJP and RSS were spot on & cent per cent right when state BJP President B.S. Yeddyurappa said that the killing of RSS/BJP workers in Dakshina Kannada and other places, including Bangalore is the handiwork of the workers belonging to Popular Front of India (PFI), another dubious organisation, an off-shoot of the now-banned Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

In the cold-blooded murder of Rudresh, RSS activist in Commercial Street at Bangalore, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) arrested five workers of the PFI and filed charge-sheet. In the killing of Sharath Madivala, another RSS activist at Dakshina Kannada, the Police arrested four Muslim youths having association with the PFI.

Even in Kerala, the RSS and BJP leaders have been vindicated that the killing of the sangh pariwar workers is the handiwork of the Marxist goons.

It is not fair to become judgemental about the identity of the killers when the SIT probe is still on pertaining to the killing of Gauri Lankesh.

Thus Spake Gauri Lankesh…

  • What is this Hindu dharma? It doesn’t have father and mother? Nobody knows who started it and when? Should we call it a dharma? Should we follow it? No. We must discard and come out of Hindu dharma.
  • Astrology is a money-making racket of the upper caste elements who believe in Vedic Dharma. Our dalit brethern and the exploited class should kick these astrologers and show them their place.
  • That fellow, what is his name ? (In singular) Sudarshan…what is his designation? Sarsanghchalak.. that fellow lost his way to the place where he was staying in Mysore. Such a fellow is the head of the RSS. He could not find his own place of stay. How can he guide the country?
  • Rama – Krishna are all gods of the upper castes created to exploit the lower castes and weaker section of society. Both Rama and Krishna do not have ethics and morals. Rama sent her pregnant wife to forest. Krishna had 16,000 wives. Can you call them men of virtues?
  • I welcome and support M.F.

Hussain whose paintings are being opposed by the Hindu fundamentalists. There is no sentiments in this. It is pure art.

  • Kanhaiya Kumar (JNU student who shouted anti-India slogans) is like my son. I am proud of what he did in JNU. He must be protected from Hindu reactionaries and Hindu fundamentalists. Kanhaiya is the most precious diamond of our country.
  • JNU should guide the country and show the path for defeating the fascist forces led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

The SIT is working on three hypothesis; One, the handiwork of the Naxals themselves; as they had serious differences with Gauri for weaning away their hard-core cadre into mainstream for rehabilitation that came with a package of Rs 5 lakh cash and two acres for all those who laid down their arms. This proposal had run into rough weather with the senior officers expressing their anger over the government’s decision to withdraw cases of the surrendered naxals. “Some of them had taken part in the killing of policemen. They had cases under Arms Act. What message we are sending to the society,” a senior police officer said, on the conditions of anonymity.

The state police has anger against the Congress government for giving 21-Gun Salute and Police Honours to Gauri before her cremation. “She had provided intellectual, moral and logistical support to the Naxals who had killed the Police. Naxals wanted to subvert the system by armed rebellion. How can she be given 21-Gun salute, the honour and privilege we did not give to Lt-Col Niranjan Kumar and Col Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who became martyrs in the cause of Motherland while fighting against the terrorists?,” an officer asked in an outrageous tone mixed with anger and anguish.

The second hypothesis is it could be the handiwork of the extreme Hindutva organisations on the ground that Gauri, a rationalist, had denigrated Hinduism repeatedly; The third hypothesis is the differences between herself and her brother Indrajit Lankesh, over property dispute including the title of the weekly journal, started, owned and edited by her father, P. Lankesh.

While the SIT is going ahead in its investigation methodically, both the government and the police,  however, are under tremendous pressure from the progressive thinkers, writers, Left liberals, kept intellectuals and secular brigade to “arrest the killers” immediately. In their view, the killing is the handiwork of the RSS pariwar and the police should arrest and punish them.

Kalburgi murder case is even more interesting. For the first 45-minutes of this writers murder in Dharwad, TV channels attributed the killing to family dispute and possibility of an insider’s job.

However, five “eminent personalities belonging to secular brigade, progressive writers, thinkers, Left liberals and rationalists including Gauri Lankesh, called on Siddaramaiah after one hour of Kalburgi’s murder at CM’s  residence after which the TV channels, intrigueingly, stopped running the story of family feud. Instead, the killing of Kalburgi was attributed to the “possible involvement of Hindu organisations” in the line of Dhabolkar and Pansare – as Dharwad is situated at the NH 4 like Kolhapur and Pune and the distance between these three places could be around 300-Kms!

Kalburgi murder continues to remain, in Winston Churchill’s words, “A riddle; Wrapped in a mystery;

kept inside an enigma” The investigation being conducted by the state Police CID has hit a wall. This is inspite of the CID getting FIR and charge-sheet from the Maharashtra Police pertaining to the murder of Pansare and Dhabolkar.

The same Modus Operandi has been adopted by the secular brigade and progressive thinkers in Gauri Lankesh murder also. With these unscrupulous and immoral brigade pressurising the state government to fix Hindutva forces, for which the SIT is finding it difficult to get “solid evidence”,  it looks like that the investigation of Gauri Lankesh murder case too is likely to go Kalburgi way – hitting the stone wall.

Meanwhile, the Left liberals, kept intellectuals and progressive thinkers have been going hammer and tongs against the Sangh Pariwar even as the RSS/BJP workers in Karnataka and Kerala are dying like Guienea pigs at the hands of blood-thirsty and sword-happy Marxist goons and jehadi forces. The hypocrisy and double-standard of these lecherous, treacherous and unscrupulous elements are exposed.

by S.A. Hemantha Kumar from Bengaluru







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